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Review of Tani USA Best Sellers: Comfort & Quality

Tani USA makes men’s underwear and loungewear that is both comfortable and sustainable. Despite being incredibly soft, they are also exceptionally durable and versatile. I had the opportunity to review some of their best buys. I have yet to be disappointed with any of Tani’s products, but these top five best-sellers are holding strong for a reason.

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Tani USA Best Sellers Review

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief

Tani’s SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief is a staple that doesn’t skip out on quality.

They are made from Micro Modal® AIR which is thinner and softer than silk. The result means these boxer briefs super stretchy, lightweight, and remain soft even after going through the wash.

I really liked that these stayed comfy and cool all day. After coming home from work I didn’t feel nearly as, for lack of a better word, swampy. They held up perfectly with all-day wear and were extremely supportive and breathable.

The waistbands were one of my favorite parts – they weren’t too loose or too tight. A bonus feature is they expand if I’ve eaten more than I should have.

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

Hybrid Boxer Brief with Functional Fly

My first impression in one word was suave because these briefs feel just as awesome as they look. It seems it’s all in the fabric. Tani blends two high-tech fabrics, Micro Modal® Air and Micro Tencel® to create a boxer brief that is ideal for moving and physical activity.

The Hybrid Boxer Brief had a great amount of support, 360 degrees of stretch, and moisture wicking-functionality. What exactly is moisture wicking-functionality? Well similar to a candle, the fabric draws the moisture away from your skin and sends it to the outside of the fabric so it can evaporate easily. Neat huh?

One of my favorite features from this pair is that not a single one of my leg hairs were ripped out when wearing these. I’ve had quite a few experiences with trying out boxer briefs that are lightweight, but had a past life as a set of tweezers. It was also a big plus that there was no chafing involved in the mix. This was a solid pair of underwear.

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

SilkCut Contour Trunk

For those who prefer a shorter length on the thighs — Tani’s SilkCut Contour Trunk delivers lightweight comfort and it doesn’t roll up. Also made with their Micro Modal® Air material, and so again, it’s moisture-wicking, light, and breathable.

These run true to size and, as its name suggests, contours and shapes to your body without feeling tight or restrictive. Tani offers a lot of fun patterns and colors for this line, so if you like to be bold you would really enjoy their designs.

I’ve had underwear with bold prints before, but a lot of the time I lost some quality in the briefs — these, however, maintained their integrity and stayed classy. This is a great pair if you prefer the classic boxer brief, but want to turn the comfort up a notch (or 10).

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set For Men

An amazing addition for bonfire nights, or even a day on the slopes — Tani’s SilkCut Thermal Underwear Set is one of my favorite set of clothes that I own.

I had a chance to test their limits at one of my nephew’s football games. The stadium is always cold, so the metal bleachers are pretty much popsicles. I layered this set with a pair of jeans and flannel in about 60 degree weather and stayed perfectly toasty — no excessive amounts of coats or vests needed.

Even when the weather was fine, these doubled as my favorite pair of pajamas to lounge around in with a cup of coffee. They’re super comfy, softer than silk, and are incredibly breathable despite how close the hug your form.

Tani is actually the only company that uses Micro Modal® AIR for men’s thermals. I was really surprised with how breathable they were without getting too cold or too warm. They did a great job of finding that balance so that the worst part of my day was not being able to wear them because they were in the wash.

They are also environmentally conscious and make this set using natural materials — which means your base layer is biodegradable. Score one for the turtles!

Best thermal set that I own, and well worth the price too.

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

SilkCut Crew Shirt

This shirt is the destroyer of sweat.

This was a great undershirt for preventing underarm sweat or stains on my work shirts. Tani again uses Micro Modal ® AIR for moisture-wicking and airflow, preventing sweat from sticking to the material and feeling like two small kiddie pools.

The SilkCut Crew Shirt also doubled as an amazing workout shirt. It stretches and moves with you and honestly made me look more ripped than I actually am (I’m not.) If you do want more room and less form-fitting though, be sure to go a size up. If you’re a god with form-fitting – these run true to size and hug the chest, shoulders, and biceps.

Quality Down to the Last Stitch

Tani USA offers some truly phenomenal products. I love that their clothing is biodegradable, yet is made so well and is also practical.

They surpass logic with their materials and have created an amazing balance between light and durable, without losing quality and comfort.

Tani USA Best Sellers Review

The only downside I can admit is the cost of some of the products, but I can say that they are all well worth the price and you get a lot for what you pay for.

I think it’s obvious that I would recommend any one of these products. Their comfort is unparalleled and their versatility can go from loungewear to casualwear to work out and recreational gear. For a guy like me who likes to relax after working hard and playing hard — their products have been nothing but solid.


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