Review of Iconic Fahrenheit Cologne For Men By Christian Dior

Introduced in 1988 by Christian Dior, Fahrenheit Cologne for Men is an iconic fragrance for men that pioneered the aggressive use of leather as a top note. This woody, floral musk was created by legendary perfumers Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Maurice Roger. 

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Fragrance Notes

This cologne is a bold, masculine fragrance that mixes main scents of leather and violet. Opening notes consist of lavender, mandarin orange, hawthorn, nutmeg, cedar, bergamot, chamomile, and lemon. The middle, second layer consists of nutmeg, honeysuckle, sandalwood, violet, and cedar. The base notes contain leather and vetiver, giving off those strong, earthy smells. Most noticeable is the leather scent — some describe a petrol / gas scent. Don't be mistaken - even though violet is a main accord in this cologne, it is not a floral fragrance. It is very masculine.  


This cologne comes in a smooth, glass bottle that is brownish-red and yellow in color.
The brown and red start out deep at the top, then transition into a vibrant orange-yellow towards the bottom of the bottle. The appearance closely resembles colors of the sun or fire, and it as if you can almost see the heat coming from the bottle. The presentation is very fitting for the name "Fahrenheit".

A generous amount of fragrance is released with one spray, and you can also adjust how much comes out with each spritz. The top clicks into place to ensure a tight close. If you are worried that you received a knock off, check the bottom of the box to find the serial code etched into the box. 


This Dior Fahrenheit cologne is more suitable for the fall and winter seasons, or in the colder months of spring. Because it is an intense, bold fragrance, I wouldn't wear it in the summer seasons, or any particularly warm days. Fahrenheit is perfect for evening wear or a night out where you want to give off that powerful, masculine smell. It is appropriate for men about 25 years of age or older. ​

As far as versatility goes however, I would not rank this cologne high on that scale. Although some men prefer these strong scents and always want to project masculinity, some find it too overbearing and inappropriate for certain occasions. It is certainly not a cologne made for casual, everyday wear. Instead, where it when you want to make a statement and when you want or need to feel important. This cologne says, "I mean business."

Sillage and Longevity

The projection is solid - you won't have to worry if your cologne is working with this one. I would say it is on the heavier side, giving off those strong leather and violet scents. Fahrenheit is long lasting, about 6 hours or so, though it will still linger throughout the whole day. Some of the more recent formulas aren't as intense for as long as the original ones were that gave off a strong projection for 10+ hours. Also remember that the projection and longevity is going to vary from person to person, depending on your activity level and how well your skin holds a fragrance. 

My Verdict

Because of its continued success and timeless nature, I think this Fahrenheit cologne is certainly a good one to have in your collection (with a few caveats). It is strong and bold, wear this cologne by Christian Dior and you will exude confidence and masculinity.

It should be warned though that this cologne tends to be overbearing and even offensive to some people. If you aren't a fan of those strong petrol notes then you won't like this fragrance. I would not recommend this cologne to someone who prefers a lighter, fresher scent. And if you're looking for a more versatile, wear all the time cologne, Fahrenheit is definitely not a wise choice. Also since it was released three decades ago, wear it on dates with caution — the last thing you want to do is smell like your date's dad, uncle, ex-boyfriend, etc.

This cologne is definitely a divisive one — people love it or hate it but it is an iconic men's cologne. If you need to feel like a (well-groomed) bad-ass for a day, try this EDT.