How to Do a Simple Men’s Facial at Home

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Thinking that facials are just for women? Think again.

With all that wear and tear from regularly shaving, men actually have to take even better care of their skin to make up for the damage. That means that facials are, if anything, more important for guys. And, because men’s skin is thicker with larger pores and beard growth, it can be worth buying products designed for men’s unique skin.

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To keep your face healthy and glowing, getting a facial once a month is ideal. But, careful not to do it too often. Some parts of the process, particularly exfoliation, can irritate your skin if done too often.

If you’ve never considered getting a facial or don’t know the first think about how to give yourself one at home, below is a basic guide to get you on your way.

Step 1:  Cleanse

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

Start with a cleanser to get the dirt and excess oil off your skin.  Use a mild product that won’t irritate your skin or strip away moisture. Baxter of California Daily Face Wash a fragrance free option that is coconut based for a smooth, clean face.

Step 2:  Exfoliate

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

To really clean your skin, you need to take it a step further.  Splash your face with warm water, and then massage an exfoliator into your skin, avoiding the space around the eyes.  While it’s tempting to put some muscle into this step, use your finger tips and let the product do the heavy-lifting. Using excess force can end up irritating rather than helping. For sensitive skin, look for chemical rather than 

Step 3:  Steam

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

To get the full spa experience at home, you need to steam your skin. While there are facial steamers on the market, you can also put a bowl of boiling water in front of you, lean over the bowl, and cover your head with a towel, and then stay there for around five minutes, opening your pores.

Step 4:  Mask

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

This is the fun part of the facial, where you smear your face in goo, plop cucumbers on your eyes and spend 5-10 minutes relaxing. There’s all types of masks for various skin types and problems. From mud and charcoal for clearing to soothing and moisturizing botanically based masks. 

Step 5:  Close Your Pores

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

Once you’ve finished your mask, it’s time to get cleaned up and ready your skin for the day. You can wash (or peel) off your mask and finish with a splash of cold water. If you have blemish-prone skin you might want to finish with toner which will have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Step 6:  Moisturize

Simple Men’s Facial at Home

As a final step, you’ll want to moisturize your skin. While it’s fine to use your daily facial lotion, it’s also a good time to indulge in a more deeply hydrating cream as your skin is fresh and more receptive to product.

Clear, healthy skin is always a confidence booster and a regular skincare routine is a great way to get started. Try giving yourself a facial once a month to get your skin in good condition. If you have very congested skin, you might find that a weekly cadence helps. One note, it’s common to experience a light breakout after a facial as your skin purges, however this should disappear after a day or two. Just don’t do your first facial a day before your date or interview.

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