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Most Comfortable Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear For Men

A comfortable foundation provides the support you need to tackle every day. The best polo boxers 6-pack and other Polo Ralph Lauren underwear options deliver a high-quality product you can depend on.

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Our Top 9 Picks

Discover these nine best Polo Ralph Lauren underwear options and you will never have to think about your underwear again.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men`s Classic Fit Briefs 4 Pack

Best for Briefs Lovers

If you like this classic silhouette, the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Classic Fit Cotton Briefs deliver an exceptional take on this traditional design.

PROS: Comfort is key here, with a tagless design and soft, breathable fabric.

CONS: A thick waistband with a large and noticeable brand name may be off-putting to some.

  • Fit: The high-cut leg on these briefs fits great and the front offers a functional fly.
  • Comfort: The knit jersey fabric wicks moisture and offers a lightweight and breathable option for underwear. 
  • Durability: These well-constructed briefs last longer than cheaper, lower-quality options.
  • Value: This four-pack costs more than other options, but it is a good idea to invest in classic foundation pieces.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN mens 3-pack 4d-flex Cool Microfiber Boxer Briefs

Best for Cooling

The Polo Men's 4D Flex Cooling Microfiber Boxer Briefs offer distinct fabric choices to offer a cool and comfortable experience. 

PROS: These underwear offer a traditional boxer briefs appearance but with exceptional cooling technology.

CONS: For the price, this three-pack costs much more than comparable products.

  • Fit: These boxer briefs come in regular and long-length options and feature four-way stretch.
  • Comfort: In addition to the cooling effect, these effortless boxer briefs help you forget you’re wearing anything.
  • Durability: The polyester-spandex blend of these Ralph Lauren underwear maintains its shape and strength for a very long time.
  • Value: Invest in these moderately-priced boxer briefs for a long-lasting, moisture-wicking pair.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN Classic Fit Cotton Boxer Briefs

Best for Extended Sizes

The Men's Classic Fit Cotton Boxer Briefs use classic fabrics in a huge spectrum of leg lengths and sizes to accommodate anyone.

PROS: Hard-to-find sizes and preferences will find a home with this Polo underwear pack. 

CONS: These in-demand sets of underwear can often be out of stock, especially in unique sizes.

  • Fit: These boxer briefs come in trunk, long-length, and regular leg, as well as sizes up to 6XL.
  • Comfort: Classic cotton fabric helps these men’s underwear remain breathable with some stretch.
  • Durability: This basic Polo underwear pack is of higher quality than some undergarments but the cotton fabric boasts normal durability.
  • Value: The price of these boxer briefs varies considerably depending on size and style, but it is worth it for those who need a special size.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN Men's Classic Fit w:Wicking 3-Pack Boxer Briefs

Best Classic Patterns

Polo Ralph Lauren is known for preppy American styles, including this Polo boxers 3-pack.

PROS: Express your personality with patterns like stripes, polka dots, and the classic Ralph Lauren polo player.

CONS: Depending on the style you choose, the waistband may be a bolder style that is harder to disguise.

  • Fit: Polo Ralph Lauren offers sizes up to 4XL on this design and options for tall men.
  • Comfort: This Polo underwear pack features a tagless design and a functional fly. Gusseted construction provides additional support.
  • Durability: These boxer briefs contain a polyester and spandex blend for greater durability.
  • Value: These boxer briefs represent one of the most affordable options for Polo Ralph Lauren underwear.

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RL Classic Woven Cotton Boxer 3 Pack

Best Boxers

Looking for a classic boxer silhouette? Classic Fit Cotton Woven Boxers deliver a classic favorite.

PROS: The 100 percent cotton construction provides a breathable and comfortable option.

CONS: Boxers come in limited color schemes, sizes, and leg lengths.

  • Fit: The ultra-soft waistband and tagless design deliver the effortless style of boxers.
  • Comfort: These boxers offer expected ease but feature none of the bells and whistles of other Polo underwear packs.
  • Durability: While cotton is a strong fabric, these may tear or lose their shape more quickly than polyester-blend options.
  • Value: This Polo boxers 3-pack offers sensational value for this wardrobe staple, backed by Ralph Lauren's impressive reputation for quality.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN Classic Fit w:Wicking 3-Pack Knit Boxers

Best Hybrid Option

These knit boxers provide a boxer brief’s support with the comfort of a loose-leg silhouette.

PROS: Express yourself with more patterns and colors than any other option on this list.

CONS: The knit fabric on these boxers means the close-fitting leg can begin to loosen up and get in the way.

  • Fit: Devotees claim these boxers strike the perfect middle ground between boxers and briefs. 
  • Comfort: Knit supports and hugs the body, providing an itch-free and effortless experience.
  • Durability: The cotton-polyester-spandex blend of these knit boxers provides a durable combination for long-lasting wear.
  • Value: These versatile boxers provide comfort and support but may not last as long as other products.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Microfiber Boxer Briefs

Best Microfiber Boxer

If not afraid of synthetic fabrics, these microfiber boxers provide several in-demand perks for underwear technology.

PROS: This ultra-comfortable fabric boasts durability, effortlessly keeping its shape long-term.

CONS: There is little versatility in this product. Few colors and no patterns exist for this underwear. Only a tiny spectrum of sizes is available.

  • Fit: The synthetic blend of fabrics contributes to an easy-wearing pair of Polo underwear, fitting true to size.
  • Comfort: Microfiber boasts one of the silkiest and most versatile fabrics available today. Moisture-wicking, tag-free design and legs that won’t ride up complete the comfortable experience.
  • Durability: This polyester-spandex blend provides exceptional durability and holds its shape terrifically.
  • Value: For only a Polo boxers three-pack the individual pairs can seem steep. However, the long-lasting duration makes a case for this underwear.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN 4-Pack Stretch Classic Fit Briefs

Best Classic Four-Pack

Briefs lovers can stop looking for their go-to Polo underwear pack after discovering the cooling set of Men's Classic Fit with Wicking 4-Pack of Polo Ralph Lauren briefs.

PROS: Advanced design features boast moisture-wicking properties as well as a fabric that never rides up.

CONS: The pure cotton fabric becomes saggy with time, while other synthetic and blended textiles hold their shape far better.

  • Fit: An ultra-soft waistband keeps these briefs in place without being too snug.
  • Comfort: These briefs are made from 100 percent ring-spun, combed cotton. This helps the briefs feel ultra-soft to the touch.
  • Durability: Cotton remains a soft and dependable fabric. However, when compared to polyester blends, these briefs will be less durable.
  • Value: The quality and construction make the investment worthwhile, but spending double digits on a single pair of underwear may be an adjustment for some shoppers.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN Men's 4D Flex Performance Air Boxer Briefs

Best Performance Underwear

Those looking for hiking underwear and those prone to moisture and chafing may discover a solution with the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's 4D Flex Performance Air Boxer Briefs.

PROS: Thoughtful design means exceptional fabric, intentional mesh placement, and a comfortable, proper fit.

CONS: All the bells and whistles come with a price. This Polo underwear pack is the priciest on our list.

  • Fit: Devotees rave about how the legs never ride up and everything stays in place. Regular and long lengths are available to fit your preference.
  • Comfort: The moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly and promotes all-day comfort.
  • Durability: These 100 percent cotton boxers feature four-way stretch which helps this Polo underwear last longer.
  • Value: Shoppers will pay a premium for the advanced underwear technology found in this Polo boxers 3-pack. 

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What to Look for While Buying Comfortable Underwear

Underwear shoppers should be clear on their preferences when shopping for new undergarments. Consider the fabrics you prefer, from silk boxers to cotton.

man wearing white polo ralph lauren underwear

Are cooling or moisture-wicking fabrics important for you? Finally, spend time pondering if briefs, boxers, or boxer briefs are the most comfortable for the seasons and for your outfits.

Final Thoughts

Polo Ralph Lauren delivers American classics, from plaids to knitwear. The brand also offers high-quality men’s underwear. From briefs to boxers, in knit, cotton, or microfiber. Plus, you cannot go wrong with a Polo underwear pack for functional, dependable basics.

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