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Best Patchwork Jeans for Men: Fashion Symbol of Rebellion

Jeans have been the ultimate, timeless staple piece in every single human’s closet since they first hit the market in the 1870s. They began as working clothes and later became a symbol of rebellion. 

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Today, jeans can be casual, dressed up, or a statement of fashion all on their own. And we owe it all to denim

In 2021, patchwork denim is causing some noise in the fashion industry. This trend for men is quickly catching on, and we have a lot to say about it. 

What Is Patchwork Denim?

Denim has gone through a lot of phases. From light wash to stone wash, ripped to pristine condition, bell-bottoms to skinny legs, it seems like we’ve seen it all. 

That is until patchwork denim hit the scene. 

Patched Jeans

Patchwork denim is exactly what it sounds like. This revamped trend from the 70s involves patching together various washes of denim for a cool, textured, and patterned look. 

Patchwork denim often involves rough, blatant seams that make the final product look like a DIY project on purpose. And it doesn’t have to be all denim, either. It often involves colorful patches in various colors, graphic designs, and different fabrics. 

The Best Patchwork Jeans for Men: Our Shortlist

We’ve already answered the most important question here: yes, mens patchwork pants are in. So now what? 

Now you start shopping. 

Below are a few of our choices for some of the most stylish patchwork jeans men’s on the market. There’s a little bit of something for everyone on this list. 

Junya Watanabe MAN

Best High-End Option: Junya Watanabe MAN

The Junya Watanabe MAN patchwork straight-leg jeans from Farfetch offer a high-waisted, high-rise look that can go from casual to a night on the town in an instant. The rugged, distressed patchwork on these jeans is super trendy for men today. 

Blue Baggy Fit Patchwork Ripped Jeans

Best Baggy Option: Blue Baggy Fit Patchwork Ripped Jeans

Call us old school, but we live for the baggy men’s look. These jeans from River Island feature a subtle patchwork design and a baggy-but-not-too-baggy fit. The ripped detail is just enough to catch the eye, and the 90s inspired style pairs well with a flannel jacket.  

Manfinity EMRG Men Slant Pocket Straight Leg Jeans

Best Budget Option: Shein Patchwork Washed Jeans

Looking great doesn’t always mean spending a lot. These patchwork jeans mens from Shein are top of the line in terms of design.

The loose fit is ideal for a t-shirt and sneakers and can easily be dressed up with a sleek jacket. And these light wash patches won’t break your budget. 

Guess Patchwork Jeans

Best Skinny Jeans: Guess Patchwork Skinny Jeans

If you’re a skinny jeans kind of guy, you can still hop on board the patchwork trend. These skinny jeans feature distressed knees along with several shades of denim patchwork on the thighs.

The design is definitely a bit more subtle than some of our other options, but the jeans are perfect for casual outings and everyday hangouts. 

ZLSLZ Men's Street Hip Hop Loose Patchwork Jeans

Best Skater Look: ZLSLZ Men’s Street Patchwork Denim Jeans

The bagginess of these ZLSLZ patchwork jeans is a tad much, meaning you probably shouldn’t wear them for a fancy affair, but they have certainly nailed down that skater boy, hip-hop vibe. 

The patchwork here isn’t overly creative, but it offers a street-worthy distressed look that pairs well with t-shirts and your favorite pair of kicks. 

Men's Splice Skater Jeans

Best Patchwork Design: Emmiol Men’s Splice Skater Jeans -

Sometimes simple is best. We love these Emmiol Men’s Splice Skater Jeans for their basic yet bold patchwork design that features a large splice between dark wash and light wash.

The baggy, skater fit is very much in style, but these jeans don’t take the look too far. And these jeans are available in two different washes, which give you more styling options. 

DSDZ Men's Streetwear Patchwork Jeans

Best Stretch Patchwork: DSDZ Men’s Patchwork Pleated Stretch Biker Jeans

The DSDZ Men’s Patchwork Biker Jeans offer a comfortable stretch fit that lets you take them from the bike to the club to a nice dinner party, depending on how you style them. 

The term patchwork seems to be used lightly here, though; these jeans have more of a ripped, distressed look with some patchwork features. But they have a lot of options in terms of wash.

Men's Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans

Best Vintage Patched: Generic Men’s Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans

We can’t get enough of these vintage-style jeans. The slim-long fit forces some stylish bunching at the bottoms, and the vintage, patterned patches beneath the rips serve as the cherry on top. 

This skinny jean is available in both black and light wash - both of which offer the pique of fashion. 

QZH.DUAO Men's Camo Denim Jeans

Best Bandana Patchwork: Men’s Bandana Patchwork Jeans

Bandanas have been used in the fashion world in so many ways, but these patchwork jeans mens on Amazon are one of our favorites. The dark wash blends perfectly with the light wash patches, and it’s all tied together with patches of dark and light bandana fabric.

Zara Patched Jeans

Best Minimal Style: Zara Combination Patched Jeans

Simple and understated, yet stylish and versatile. These patchwork jeans from Zara should be a staple in every man’s closet.

The light wash design is hot, the distressing is simple, and the patchwork is subtle. Perfect for every man. 

Allonly Men's Plaid Patchwork Jeans

Best Rebel Style: Allonly Men’s Plaid Patchwork Jeans

The punk vibe isn’t for everyone, but if you love it, you’ll love these jeans.

The Allonly Men’s Plaid Patchwork Jeans come in black and feature classic red plaid patches along with some heavy punk graphics. Their skinny fit completes the look - or perhaps that’s the skulls. 

Patchwork Jeans and Style

According to Forbes, patchwork jeans are one of the best denim trends in 2021. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an old trend emerge and take in new life. We’ve seen it happen with baggy jeans, bell-bottoms, and mom jeans alike. 

Patchwork jeans are no different.

As of 2021, this style is hot for both men and women. You can find patchwork jeans in pretty much any cut and fit, as well as designer brands and affordable prices.   

The Variety of Jeans in Fashion Today

Men used to be stuck with two basic categories: blue jeans or dress pants. But in today’s world of fashion, men have just as many options as women to express their individual style and invest in themselves.

man wearing patch work jeans

The straight-leg denim look will always be a valid option for men, but aside from patchwork, keep an eye out for these 2021 trends:

  • Flared jeans
  • Retro bell bottoms
  • Loose jeans
  • Distressed jeans
  • Tie-dye
  • Slim cut
  • High rise
  • White denim

These are just a few men’s trends you can dive into and style how you like. Men’s jeans are so versatile that they work for almost every occasion, and certainly every style and budget. 

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