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Best Casual Shoes Under $100: Stylish & Affordable

Today, a man's shoes can say a lot about him.

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If you're trying to look good from head to toe but don't want to take a hit in the wallet, check out our guide to the best shoes under $100 and how to style them. 

Adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer BYD
  • Clean design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
Levi’s Men’s Miles Tumbled Sneaker Shoe
  • Casual and classy
  • Affordable
  • Available in sophisticated colors
Sperry Men’s Bahama II Boat Shoe
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for casual and formal look

Our Top Affordable Shoe Picks

We've put plenty of time into researching different styles of shoes so you can easily compare and choose what is right for you.

adidas Men's CF Lite Racer Byd

Best For Style

Adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer BYD

Star rating: 3 out of 5

Sizing: They seem to run slightly larger than expected.

Comfort: Lightweight with good support.

Durability: They last a few months when wearing them daily, but they're better to reserve for specific use.

These Adidas running shoes are one of the best picks to show off style with a shoe under $100. Their classic design is sleek and recognizable, and the neutral colors make it easy to pair with most outfits.

They'd complete any athleisure look, and if you're searching for a good pair of sweatpants to compliment them, check out our guide to grey sweatpants.

We think they're a good pick for people getting started with running, but if you're more experienced, they might not live up to your standards. They still give good support and can last you a long time with proper care.

Pros: Clean design, easy to pair with other outfits, lightweight, and comfortable.

Cons: Might not have the best durability for everyday use, and seem to have some sizing issues.

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Levi's Mens Miles Tumbled Sneaker Shoes

Best For Value

Levi's Men’s Miles Tumbled Casual Fashion Sneaker Shoe

Star rating: 3 out of 5

Sizing: They seem to run slightly small.

Comfort: Very comfortable with thick soles.

Durability: They would last most of the year if wearing them daily but don't hold up to sports activities.

If you're looking for affordable style, these Levi shoes are for you. The sophisticated colors in dark browns, blues, and blacks easily match more formal outfits. They have durable rubber soles and vegan leather upper, which gives them a classic look at a great price.

Since they're a little cheaper than some of the others on our list, they also have a limited life. They won't last long if you plan on wearing them for high-impact activities, like skating or other sports. But they provide plenty of comfort for your normal daily wear.

Pros: Very comfortable, affordable, and brings casual and class together.

Cons: Affordability for the sake of durability, size might be a bit too small, can't handle rigorous activity.

Sperry Men's Bahama Ii Boat Shoe

Best For Formal Versatility

Sperry Men's Bahama II Boat Shoe 

Star rating: 5 out of 5

Sizing: They seem to run true to size but could be narrow.

Comfort: Very comfortable, even out of the box.

Durability: Long-lasting and well-made.

These are some of the best shoes under $100. Sperry's boat shoes are sure to be comfortable, non-slip for boating, and well-made. It seems like they can last quite a long time if given the proper care.

Better than that, their casual look can pass for formal wear in a pinch when you need to go out for a nice dinner but want maximum comfort at the same time. If you're looking for comfort in more formal shoes we've put together a list of dress shoes that won't lead to blisters.

They come in plenty of designs and colors but if you opt for the fun patterns you might want to disregard the tips on wearing them formally.

Pros: They're comfortable as soon as you get them, versatile to be casual and formal, and long-lasting.

Cons: Not for you if you don't like moccasin style shoes, and they're a bit narrow for people with wider feet.

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adidas Men's EQ21 Running Shoe

Best For Running

Adidas Men's EQ21 Running Shoe

Star rating: 4 out of 5

Sizing: Sizes can run too small especially if you have wider feet.

Comfort: Comfortable with enough support to be on your feet all day.

Durability: Good quality and made to last.  

If you're looking for an affordable and good-looking running shoe these are what you want. They have the classic adidas look with a more modern style whilst not compromising on support. They're good for a job that requires you to be on your feet all day or if you prefer to have some extra cushioning when you're training.

They seem to run a bit smaller than the the true size so, if you have wider feet, you'll definitely want to up the size. Otherwise the narrow fit and support will end up pinching your toes if you're not careful.

Pros: They're great for sports and everyday wear, lots of support, stylish, and durable.

Cons: They can be narrow and are slightly heavier than typical running shoes.

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Converse Men's Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Best For a Classic Look

Converse Men's Chuck Taylor All Star '70s Low Top Sneakers

Star rating: 1 out of 5

Sizing: They are true to size but can be a bit narrow.

Comfort: Flexible shoes, but they don't offer much support.

Durability: Very durable and can last over a year.

Classic Converse Chuck Taylor's have a timeless look, and they've managed to stay popular for over a hundred years. You know they're doing something right with design. These shoes now come in tons of variations than just the classic black.

So why the low rating? Well, their classic look means they don't exactly bring the wow factor. If you're hoping to give a lasting first impression, these will tend to blend in. Plus, their flat soles typically leave people wanting more support.

Pros: Classic looks mean they won't be falling out of style any time soon, long-lasting quality, and plenty of variation.

Cons: They won't stand out, can be a bit narrow, and don't offer much support without buying extra insoles.

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Nike Air Max casual shoes

Best For Casual and Comfy

Nike Men's Air Max Dawn

Star rating: 4 out of 5

Sizing: True to size.

Comfort: They have plenty of support and are comfortable for your casual events and even a workout.

Durability: Good quality and quite durable.  

These are some of the best Nike shoes under $100. If you want to impress the cool crowd with brand-name style, these shoes are one of your best bets. Nike clearly excels in shoes. It's no surprise that these offer plenty of support whether you're walking a long way or standing for a while.

Despite their brand, they don't offer the best quality. If you wear them regularly outside the gym, you probably won't have them for long. Still, they're sure to last when you reserve their use for a specific purpose.

Pros: Stylish, adaptable for different workouts, and affordable for Nike shoes.

Cons: Not very good or durable if used for running, and seem to run narrower in size.

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Nike Men's Race Running Shoe

Best Casual Shoes Under $100 For Outdoor Running

Nike Men's Race Running Shoe

Star rating: 5 out of 5

Sizing: True to size.

Comfort: Comfortable and lightweight for everyday wear.

Durability: Quality shoe made to last.

If the Nike shoes listed above were disappointing for their lack of durability, these give you an everyday style. If you're looking for shoes under $100 with a big brand name that will last long for the cost, these are your pick.

They have a classic and stylish design. The soles provide plenty of support if you like running outdoors or hiking. They're lightweight and great for the summer.

Pros: Recognizable style, long-lasting, offer plenty of support, and have fun design options.

Cons: Some designs come at higher costs and might be more slippery than other shoes on slick surfaces.

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Birkenstock casual shoe

Best For Comfort

Birkenstock Men’s Gary Loafer 

Star rating: 2 out of 5

Sizing: True to size.

Comfort: Extremely comfortable with plenty of support.

Durability: Should last you at least a year.  

These Birkenstock loafers are undeniably comfortable. They offer plenty of support and will make sure your feet feel good. Not only are they comfy, but they feature high-quality leather and trademark cork soles.

While they have the style to pass as a more casual shoe, we think they might come off a bit too much like a pair of house loafers for everyday wear.

Pros: Some of the most comfortable shoes, and high-quality that's clear to see.

Cons: They could come off a bit too casual.

Frye Men's Astor Low Lace Sneaker

Best For Durability

Frye Men's Astor Low Lace Sneaker

Star rating: 4 out of 5

Sizing: They might run a bit larger than the actual size.

Comfort: Decently comfortable for everyday wear.  

Durability: Quality leather that can last a long time.  

If you want to get the most out of your shoes for under $100, the Frye Astor shoes deliver. Their high-quality leather will ensure that the shoe lasts a long time. Not only that, but they come in stylish colors that pop.

These shoes offer decent comfort for everyday support, and they're some of the only shoes on this list that we recommend for people who need a wider fit.

Pros: They're comfortable, have fun color selections, and are long-lasting.

Cons: Sizing can be inconsistent, and the colors may not match the picture exactly since they're leather.

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The Various Styles of the “Casual Shoe”

man wearing casual shoes

What are casual shoes, exactly? There are plenty of different styles so here's a rundown of each.

Athletic Sneakers

These sneakers are designed with comfort in mind to provide the most support in and out of the gym, although they aren't usually the most durable for an everyday shoe. Their designers are well-known brands like Nike and Adidas. If you want a shoe with form and function, they're usually the way to go.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are really where the modern sneaker started. Today, Converse has the most popular design. These shoes are lightweight, durable for everyday use, and usually have thicker rubber soles. Their design won't be falling out of fashion any time soon, but they probably won't be impressing anyone either.

Dress Sneakers

Dress sneakers might seem like an oxymoron, but they've become a staple for the modern man. They're usually made with higher-quality materials like suede or leather and mimic the styles of formal shoes. If you want comfort and a sneaker that impresses for every day, dress sneakers deliver.

Men's Loafers & Moccasin Style Shoes

Loafers and moccasins maximize your comfort. They use high-quality materials, and each fits a certain aesthetic. Loafers usually allow some extra breathing room for the summer, while moccasins are a warmer fit for the winter with a signature flat-toe.

These options look nice but can sometimes come off too casual. Still, you can't beat the comfort.

Casual Shoes on Trend

If you're hoping to look the best for 2022 with shoes under $100, check out the shoe trends coming this year.

  • Minimalist designs are becoming a major trend this year. Look for shoes that have solid colors or, better yet, are completely white.
  • Classic looks like the plain Nike shoe with a single signature swoop are coming back. You can keep it simple with the original winners.
  • Slides aren't exactly a shoe, but they're making a serious impact on men's footwear this year. If you're looking for help choosing the best slides, we've got a few recommendations.

How to Style Affordable Casual Shoes

man wearing cool casual shoes

Are you excited to get a pair of casual shoes but not sure how to style them? Here we break down some of the basics.

  • Match it to your wardrobe. Don't buy a sneaker that won't fit with anything else you currently have, so take stock of what you usually wear and choose a shoe around that.
  • Accessorize accordingly. If you're looking to dress it up, we recommend pairing it with a style of watch that shows class. If you're keeping it casual, don't be afraid to stand out with fun socks. But again, if the shoe itself already has plenty of color and design, stick to minimalist clothing and as much black as possible.
  • Keep them clean. Sneakers get dirty pretty quickly, especially all-white designs that feature rubber. So make sure you can properly care for the sneakers before purchase to keep them looking fresh.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of things to appreciate about a casual look that's well-done, and you're guaranteed to be looking good with these shoes under $100.

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