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The 5 Best Michael Jordan Colognes

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player ever to grace the sport. Now that he is retired from the NBA, Michael runs one of the world's most successful business empires.

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His company mainly deals with footwear lines, fashion, and fragrance, among other enterprises.  

Below are the top five best Michael Jordan perfumes on the market today. Our decision to settle on these five colognes was influenced by market analysis, customer reviews, and personal preference.

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1. Jordan

First up is the iconic cologne Jordan. This Michael Jordan cologne first debuted in 2000, and it is distinguished as having an inspirational eastern woody fragrance.

After applying it, you will notice it opens up with a top note consisting of sage, bergamot, bitter orange, ivy, and mandarin orange elements. These top notes give the Jordan cologne a fresh and citric fragrance.

On the other hand, the middle notes consist of jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom, and pepper, which gives the cologne a crisp and spicy fragrance. Its foundation-based notes offer an oakmoss, creamy, sandalwood fragrance that emanates a deep and woody musk.

The Jordan packaging for men is elegant but straightforward as it comes in a transparent light blue glass that is branded with the Jordan logo at the base.

drive michael jordan cologne

2. Jordan Drive

Another legendary cologne is Jordan Drive for men by Michael Jordan. This cologne debuted in 2014, way after Jordan retired from the NBA.

Ambition, determination, and focus are the terms that can be used to define this cologne.  It consists of a harmonious mixture of Italian lemon and grapefruit. This mixture is the ideal fragrance to enhance your determination and focus on getting the job done.

According to our experience with the Jordan Drive cologne, its fragrance has a way of reenergizing you. 

Consequently, this perfume is destined to keep you smelling good even when you’re on your feet all day long. The Jordan Drive comes packaged in a unique curved glass bottle that is as distinctive as the mixture inside.

power michael jordan cologne

3. Jordan Power

The Jordan Power is yet another addition to the long line of Michael Jordan colognes present in the market today. It debuted in 2014 with a very sleek design.

The fragrance opens up, exuding poise and balance with a top note consisting of an energizing bitter lime. Its middle notes are made up of amber, black pepper, and lavender resulting in a stimulating and spicy fragrance.

Finally, its long-lasting fragrance has a patchouli and cashmere wood scent that provides a gentle finish of leather and wood.

Despite being transparent, Jordan Power is packed in an elegantly curved bottle with the signature brand name written on the label panel.

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4. Michael Jordan

Next is the logically dubbed Michael Jordan cologne. A stimulating men's cologne that exudes strength and masculinity. This fragrance was launched in 1996, with Steve DeMercado as the brains behind the operation.

This perfume’s top notes include cognac, cedar leaf, geranium, lemon, rosewood, and cypress. These give way to the middle notes that comprise juniper berry, green tea, fir needles, fresh-cut grass, suede, lavender, clove leaf, green tea, Clary sage, and incense.

Its base notes, which include musk, sandalwood, and patchouli, are also inviting and musky. In honor of the brand's personality, the bottle is engraved with Michael’s name on the label panel.

The bottle assumes a classic transparent look that has a black bottom.

Legend michael jordan cologne

5.  Michael Jordan Legend

Finally, we have Michael Jordan Energy. Launched in 1997, this cologne is interesting as it made an entrant into the market while Michael was at the peak of his basketball career.

It explores the more masculine side of wearing Jordan, turning heads with its refreshing yet powerful blends.

Legend consists of a harmonious mixture of green tea, cedar, old leather, lavender, white patchouli, bergamot, anise, green moss, black coffee chords, sensual musk, and warm amber.

Michael Jordan cologne is perfect for energizing and boosting your energy levels. Consequently, Michael Jordan Energy is bound to turn heads everywhere you go, thanks to its spicy and aromatic fragrance.

About the Michael Jordan Brand

Michael Jordan is not only one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the NBA; he is also one of the most celebrated people on the planet.

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Today, younger generations, who weren’t alive when Jordan was playing, are buying these Michael Jordan colognes, clothing, and shoes at a high rate.

Capitalizing on his popularity, Jordan launched his Jordan brand to cater to his products' demand. His celebrity line of colognes, which he started back in the late 1990s, was part of the catalog.

During the two years he played for the Washington Wizards and the 13 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan earned approximately 94 million US dollars before taxes.

However, it is reported that he made a whopping 1.7 billion US dollars from his off-court endeavors such as endorsements with Nike and returns from his Jordan brand.

Today, the Jordan brand's net worth is approximately 10 billion US dollars, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. During a recent interview, Mark Parker, former CEO, said, “What is most exhilarating is we are still in the early stages of diversifying the Jordan portfolio.”

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Who Makes Michael Jordan Colognes?

In the cologne business, the Jordan brand has managed to create a niche for itself, thanks to the superior quality it offers. However, who is the person behind the creation of the Jordan line of fragrance?

Well, the brain behind the Michael Jordan colognes is Steve DeMercado, a world-renowned master perfumer. Steve is also known to have played a role in creating other big brands such as Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, and Coty, to mention a few.

In our fragrance base, designer Michael Jordan has over 10 colognes that are active in the market. Here you have the top five Michael Jordan colognes fit for any occasion; just choose your favorite and start spritzing.

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