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Burberry London Cologne: An Instant Sensation

The outdoors. Mhm. That is the brand of Burberry.

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With its style roots,  which caters to men, women, and children alike, designed for the outdoors, by its founding father, Thomas Burberry, taking one whiff of the Burberry London will make you feel like you've been transported to a mountainous forest adventure along a scenic coast.

Formerly a draper apprentice in 1856, Thomas would later venture into outdoor wear with the manufacturing of his discovery of the light, tear-proof and weatherproof material called gabardine.

The successful development of his trench coat design then inspired the Burberry brand to branch out to other fashionable materials, like bags, make-up, and of course, perfumery.

In 1981, the company tapped into the fragrance world. With top-of-the-line scents for both men and women, the Burberry London holds its own.

Burberry London Perfume for Men - 1

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The Scent

According to Fragrantica: Top notes are Cinnamon, Lavendar, and Bergamot; middle notes are Leather and Mimosa; base notes are Tobacco Leaf, Opoponax, Guaiac Wood and Oakmoss.

The Perfumer

The genius behind this magnificent cologne is Antoine Maisondieu, a former student of law.

Some of his well-known scents include The Iceberg Fragrance (2009) and JOOP! Homme Absolute (2019) for men, Roxy (2007) and Victoria's Secret Forbidden (2014) for females, and Eau de Jade Giorgio Armani (2004) with its subdued aroma of spice and floral context designed to be worn by both males and females.

The Inspiration

As Kevin stated on Now Smell This, “London for Men starts safely, with the scent of lavender-bergamot, then comes cinnamon, pepper and wine (with a faint hint of leather).

For me, it's ALL about the base notes in this fragrance: the rich amber, the strong, but mellow, tobacco leaf, and smooth guaiac wood. London for Men is the most powerful and masculine of the Burberry men's fragrances”.

The Presentation

According to Bernhardt Design, “Baron repositioned the Burberry brand entirely, designing and directing arresting print ad campaigns that became the talk of the fashion business.

With Baron's new image campaign, the Burberry name went from a nondescript duty-free store staple to one of the hottest major fashion brands, making the re-launch of the Burberry label one of the most successful revitalizations in the history of the fashion industry.”

Burberry London for Men 2

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The signature Burberry tartan design draped around the canteen-looking bottle, along with the box's matching Burberry pattern, gives the feel of going out with a strong sense of posture mixed with a sensible measurement of confidence.

Personal Impressions

As stated earlier, the aroma of the Burberry London contains the scent one would pick up when exploring the outdoors.

Its fragrance is not over-powering and gives just a hint of taking you on a hike along a trail in the woods, scaling a snowy mountain or walking along an empty shoreline on a foggy, autumn morning—all at the same time without actually having to take a step out the door.

snowy mountains canada

What's most initially prominent to me is the musky aroma that quickly blends in with some of the cooler textures, which seems to dissipate as quickly as it makes its presence known.

Seeing the bottle reminds me of sitting in a log cabin or by a campfire, while roasting marshmallows or sipping on hot-chocolate, with a tartan-designed scarf wrapped warmly around my neck as the evening stars begin to twinkle at dusk, and the sounds of crickets can be heard off in the distance.

Who Would Like It

If you've had a long, not-so-wonderful experience with strong-smelling colognes, and have refused to ever going back, the Burberry London could be the perfect gift for yourself or to another man in your life: the charmingly, loving father who would do anything for his family, the hard-working brother who's trying to change the world for the better or the adolescent young son getting ready for his first high school dance.

It's the perfect blend of a non, over-the-top scent for your olfactory system while achieving a masculine presence to wherever you're going.

Where To Wear It

The Burberry London can be worn anywhere, whether it's at the office, meet-up events or special occasions, like black-tie events, graduation ceremonies, and birthday parties.

It's also perfect for dates since it isn't overpowering to drive away potential future special loved-ones in your life, and other new introductory situations, like at a job interview or perhaps meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time--just sayin'.

Burberry London

And since it doesn't give off a strong aroma, it would probably be best to wear this fragrance when the weather isn't so hot that it sweats off.

Similar Fragrances

If you're looking for a replacement scent, here are a few other fantastic choices to consider: one would be the Dirty English Juicy Couture, with its woody fragrance which also isn't too strong. It lasts longer and is great for wearing during the summer.

If you want something a little bit more on the fruity side, but without losing the masculine wood scent, the Baldinini may be a great choice. Its bottle design is almost exactly like the Burberry London's.

One other choice to consider, that shares many similarities as the Burberry London is the Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf. The scent also gives off a wood-like composition, but emphasizes on the spicy side, while also being best worn during the same weather patterns as the Burberry London.

If you're looking for a great all-around replacement for formal events, then the Opus 1870 would be a great consideration. With its pleasant aroma, you can wear this anytime of year, and any time of day.

If you are trying to lean more towards the sensual side, the Eau des Baux is a great substitute and works great during the winter and fall seasons.

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Burberry London for Men

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