How to Pair Your Outfit with a Cologne with Alsenio

It's easy for us guys to get stuck in a style rut, wearing the same clothes and fragrance without putting much thought into either. I paired up with fashion and lifestyle blogger Alsenio to show off some new looks and how to pair your outfit and cologne to elevate your overall personal presentation. 

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Please keep in mind, there's no right or wrong answer here. The best solution is always the one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

What to Wear to Work


This is a classic work look for men. A white button-down shirt and khakis gets elevated with a tailored navy blazer and some stylish Ben Sherman Leather Wingtips in brown leather to complete the look.

When your look goes classic,  go classic with your cologne too. Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men is an icon in its own right. A fresh fougere that's a light, classy wear-to-work fragrance favorite.

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What to Wear for a Casual Weekend


It's the weekend, you want to relax and keep it casual but not look like a slob running errands around town. Pair a leather motorcycle jacket with sweats and top it off with Adidas Sambas trainers for the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Fragrances aren't just for dressing up— they can help set the mood for relaxation and enjoyment too. While I like to experiment with colognes on the weekend, Dior Homme Sport is a subtle  woody fragrance when you want to be polished but understated.

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What to Wear Out in the Evening


Evening wear can mean a range of things these days — from formal wear to jeans. It's a time to express your personality both in style and scent. Alsenio pairs dark wash denim with a trim navy blazer and brown suede chelsea boots.

Evening fragrances tend to be a bit bolder — both to balance the cooler evening air and to make a personal statement. John Varvatos Vintage is a great fragrance for evenings — it's a sensual scent that's warm and spicy with just a bit of edge to it.

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What to Wear in Winter


Cold weather can be a challenge but not impossible. The key is a good, neutral coat that goes with everything and can elevate any outfit. Keep your layers tailored and pick a structural jacket to avoid feeling like a shapeless marshmallow.

Our sense of smell changes in the cold and we are less perceptive of smell in the winter months. That means we can wear stronger, more bold fragrances without fear of offending anyone. A fragrance I always look forward to wearing at the first sign of cold is Burberry's London for Men EDT. It's a warm and confident oriental woody fragrance. Wearing it feels like drinking good port in a pine forest, it's perfect for the holidays.

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What to Wear in Summer


In summer, casual is king. Even with soaring temperatures, Alsenio keeps it cool and collected South Beach style with a black and white striped tank top, red drawstring shorts and a Panama hat.

If you've ever walked by a dumpster on a summer afternoon, you'll know everything smells stronger in the heat. That means it's time to break out the light aquatic and citrus scents that will keep you refreshed and won't offend. To keep the beachy feel going, try Creed's Virgin Island Water — its coconut and lime scents make you feel like you're on your own private island.

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Thanks again to Alsenio for collaborating with us and providing his style expertise — if you're interested in improving your wardrobe or learning how to dress better, go visit his blog asap:

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