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9 Best Fragrance du Bois Scents - The Oud Connoisseur

From their bottles and juices to their prices, everything about Fragrance du Bois says L-U-X-U-R-Y. 

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Founded in 2013, the Paris-based company made its name with some of the finest ouds in the biz. 

With demand for this precious ingredient so high and many illegal oud oils circulating on the market, they emphasise that all their oud fragrances contain 100% real organic vintage oud oil sourced from their own plantations certified by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). 

Fragrance du Bois Sahraa
  • Animalic oud
  • Inspired by the Arabian Desert
  • Warm and spicy scent
Fragrance du Bois Oud Rose Intense
  • Sweet and sensual
  • Intoxicating aroma
  • Attention-grabbing blend of fresh bergamot and sweet fruits
Fragrance du Bois Parisian
  • Created by Master Perfumer Christian Provenzano
  • Utterly gorgeous
  • Top notes include pink pepper, almond, grapefruit and cardamom

While the company was known primarily for its ouds, they have successfully diversified into ranges that showcase the beauty of other sustainably sourced raw materials. 

Where known, the name of the perfumer is listed in brackets after the name of the fragrance. 

Our Shortlist for The Best Fragrance du Bois Fragrances

Fragrance du Bois Sahraa

Fragrance du Bois Sahraa (Francois Merle-Baudoin)

Fragrance du Bois made a spectacular debut in 2013 with Sahraa, inspired by the Arabian Desert.

With this overt Middle Eastern influence, this creation from the Prive Collection opens with a gust of suitably skanky and animalic oud.

It's not for the feint-hearted and is supported by a hint of slightly dirty grapefruit.

A bouquet of florals (rose, geranium, jasmine) softens the opening, while patchouli keeps it on the earthy side.

By the time of the complex drydown, the oud has evolved with the creamy spiciness of saffron, black pepper and sandalwood in the mix.

A grand entry in the annals of super-ouds.

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Fragrance du Bois Oud Rose Intense EDP

Fragrance du Bois Oud Rose Intense EDP (Hamid Merati-Kashani)

One of the launch fragrances from the brand, it’s a 2013 release from the Shades du Bois Collection in the ever-popular oud-rose combo category, with an emphasis on the queen of florals. 

The intro features an attention-grabbing blend of fresh bergamot and softly sweet fruits. 

The rose element builds on the fresh fruitiness of the opening, with creamy sandalwood and an amber accord in support. 

The oud comes through in the drydown. It’s accessible, easy-on-the-nose stuff for those who might find the house’s Sahraa and Parisian too much. 

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Fragrance du Bois Parisian

Fragrance du Bois Parisian (Christian Provenzano)

Master perfumer Christian Provenzano is renowned for his complex oriental creations and his sought-after skills are displayed to impressive effect in this 2016 release from the Prive Collection. 

The intro plays with the warm and fresh contrasts of spice (cardamom, pink peppercorns). 

The sharpness of a slightly dirty note of grapefruit sets the scene for the discernibly rich oud. Notes of rose, geranium and jasmine bring floral opulence to the composition. 

Frankincense, spicy and fruity, gives the drydown lots of smoke, while labdanum accentuates the resinous qualities of the oud. 

Blow-the-bonus pricey, yes, but utterly gorgeous too.  

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Fragrance du Bois Oud Orange Intense EDP

Fragrance du Bois Oud Orange Intense EDP (Caroline Sabas)

It's a sunny mood from the get-go in this unashamedly sweet 2013 release from the Shades du Bois Collection

There’s a milky coconut-infused fruit salad (bright orange is just about discernible in the mix) in the opening. Bourbon vanilla adds to the tropical ambience. 

The oud, subtly rendered, takes a longer time to come through in this one. Its sweet sensuality is blended with clean musks to create an uplifting olfactory experience.

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Fragrance du Bois Oud Jaune Intense EDP

Fragrance du Bois Oud Jaune Intense EDP (Nathalie Gracia-Cetto)

Another of the brand's standout launch releases, Oud Jaune Intense is Covid mask-penetrating stuff. It’s that strong. 

The opening is intensely tropical, with fruity and creamy tiare (also known as Tahitian gardenia) giving tuberose a run for its money. Ylang-ylang and a smidgen of pineapple are also present.

The white florals of jasmine and orange blossom add to the humid atmosphere. Don’t forget to pack your sarong.

The oud is lurking in the drydown foliage. It's there, but very much in awe of the afore-mentioned florals. 

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Fragrance du Bois Santal Complet EDP

Fragrance du Bois Santal Complet EDP

This 2016 addition to the Nature’s Treasures Collection presents a sunny rendition of sandalwood. 

There’s coconut aplenty in the opening. Its tropical sweetness is kept in check with a squeeze of lemon. 

Powdery violet is contrasted with the spice of black pepper in the mid-section.

The drydown – sandalwood, an amber accord, vanilla, and musks – is all powdery creaminess of the best kind. 

It’s warm and sensual, and we can’t get enough of it. 

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Fragrance du Bois Siberian Rose EDP

Fragrance du Bois Siberian Rose EDP (Shadi Samra)

We’ve been wanting to try this 2020 release from the Nature’s Treasures Collection for a while. Partly because of its alluring name. It doesn't disappoint.

The soft sweetness of pear and pink pepper are contrasted with the cool aromatics of juniper berries in the intro.

A fruity rose is intensified with notes of tuberose and ylang-ylang, while a leather accord builds on the animalic qualities of the tuberose.

It's an earthy drydown, with notes of moss and patchouli going deep.

Who knew Siberia could be so sensual?

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Fragrance du Bois Minuit ET Demi EDP

Fragrance du Bois Minuit ET Demi EDP (Stéphane Bengana)

The negative online comments about this 2020 collaboration between Australian influencer Demi Rawling and the niche house are quite something. 

We won't go into the detail of them. Suffice to say, they're harsh, personal...

Minuit et Demi (a clever play on the French for “half-past midnight”) is a full-on gourmand with layers of spice, caramel, coffee, vanilla, tobacco and musk.

It’s sweet, as to be expected, but in a luxurious and decadent way. 

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Fragrance du Bois Cannabis Intense EDP

Fragrance du Bois Cannabis Intense EDP (Shadi Samra)

The 2020 release from the Nature’s Treasures Collection opens with the fresh spiciness of cardamom and orange notes. Pink peppercorns bring rosy aspects to the composition.

The cannabis note is suitably green and herbal but rendered in a most refined and smooth way (not skanky at all). As if a joint was dressed in a Hugo Boss suit. No, we’re not smoking the stuff...

There's some earthy spiciness going down with notes of saffron and nutmeg.

The drydown is woody and musky, with a smidgen of the brand's signature oud just discernible.

Well-balanced and ultra-wearable, you might just be able to wear it to those interminable bored-room meetings to make things a little more interesting.

The company’s other cannabis scent, Fragrance du Bois Cannabis Blue, is also worth checking out if you’re looking for a more camphorous vibe.

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