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7 Top Ferragamo Colognes That Are Keepers

With connotations connected to Old Hollywood luxury and glamor, Ferragamo is perfect for supplying an understated, elevated touch.

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Looking for your new favorite scent? Here’s our Salvatore Ferragamo cologne review, including some of our favorites and why we think they’re keepers.

Ferragamo Cologne Favourites for Men

So what does Ferragamo cologne smell like?

Whether you prefer fresh, uplifting scents or deeper, darker fragrances, Ferragamo colognes have something to offer for each unique style and taste.

F Black

F Black EDT

With prominent notes of lavender and apple in the opening, black pepper and coriander in the heart, and labdanum and tonka bean in the base, F by Ferragamo cologne Black is a fresh, aromatic sort of scent with a spicy and herbal twist.

Creamy but still masculine, F Black is a standout in the Ferragamo line.

Where Should You Wear It?

This scent profile is a pretty safe but pleasant and soothing combination that isn’t challenging to wear.

It makes a great signature scent for daytime. Although it’s light, it won’t feel out of place for nighttime wear, either.

What Season Is It Best For?

As a signature scent, F Black will perform well year-round. It’s light enough with the herbal notes for warm weather and also deep enough with its spice and tonka for cooler weather.

Parfum Salvatore

Salvatore Ferragamo Cologne EDT

Although you’ll recognize a lot of floral notes in this scent, the overall effect of Salvatore Ferragamo cologne pour Homme is green, woody, and citrus-leaning.

The top notes are grapefruit, fig leaf, caraway, Brazilian rosewood, cyclamen, neroli, and African geranium. Middle notes include jasmine, carnation, cardamom, rose, and orris root.

The base notes are oakmoss, leather, musk, cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Where Should You Wear It?

Since this cologne takes you straight to the Mediterranean, it makes a great vacation scent.

Even if you’re not traveling, a few spritzes of this cologne right after the shower or the gym will help you feel fresh and uplifted.

What Season Is It Best For?

Despite all the deep notes in the base, this fragrance balances woody with green, making it a perfect option for spring and summer.

The vetiver helps seal the deal with a balmy finish perfect for warmer weather.

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo EDT

Uomo EDT

Inside the cool, modern bottle, Uomo is a deep, rich gourmand fragrance teeming with cardamom, black pepper, and bergamot in the opening; ambroxan, orange notes, and sweet notes in the heart; and sandalwood, tonka bean, and cashmere woods in the base.

Although it reads like a more feminine scent, Uomo is spicy, ambery, and intriguing, with a little added sweetness.

Where Should You Wear It?

Uomo is a standout from its peers in the Ferragamo line, so wear this scent when you want to be noticed. With deeper and darker notes, it’s great for a date night or other nighttime wear.

What Season Is It Best For?

Given its gourmand and warm nature, this scent is a must-have for colder months. With great staying power and sillage, it can get too cloying for warm weather, so save this one for winter.

Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil EDT

Subtil EDT

If you love fresh scents that are no-brainers for everyday wear, then Subtil, in the classic Ferragamo cologne blue bottle, is a great fit. 

With ginger, cardamom, mandarine, and lotus leaf in the opening; artemisia, coriander, pink pepper, and violet in the heart; and musk, patchouli, and amber in the base, Subtil makes a good impression without calling too much attention to itself.

Where Should You Wear It?

Wear the Ferragamo cologne Subtil anywhere you want to, as the name suggests, enjoy a subtle but pleasing scent. Since it's highly unlikely to offend, Subtil is great for the office, for family gatherings, for date night, and for everyday wear.

What Season Is It Best For?

While it’s not the deepest or darkest fragrance, this cologne will smell great and perform well year-round thanks to a very well-balanced note lineup.

F Pour Homme

F Pour Homme EDT

If you enjoy the scent profile of F by Ferragamo Black, then consider the original scent that inspired the flanker.

F pour Homme is a lighter version of the popular F Black, with a simpler note profile of lavender and apple in the opening, black pepper in the middle, and leather, labdanum, and amber in the base.

The overall effect is a more simplistic but still innovative fragrance that’s easy to wear and strikes a great balance between spicy and fresh.

Where Should You Wear It?

Try out F pour Homme at work, the gym, or when running errands—it’s suitable for just about anything.

What Season Is It Best For?

It makes a great signature scent for year-round wear, although it’ll really shine at full potential during more mild months in the fall and spring. 

Uomo Signature

Salvatore Uomo Signature EDP

Uomo Signature carries the torch of the original Uomo while injecting more citrus and some coffee notes.

In the opening, you have grapefruit, Italian mandarin, and pink pepper; the heart notes are cypress, cinnamon, and cardamom; and the base notes include leather, patchouli, roasted coffee beans, and tonka.

Where Should You Wear It?

Because of its unique warmth and spice, this is a great fragrance for special occasions, like date night and events.

What Season Is It Best For?

Even though it’s a deep scent, it can still perform well in early spring. However, it’s really perfectly suited to fall and wintertime. A Ferragamo cologne set including this scent would also make a great, unique gift for a fragrance lover.

Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale

Aqua Essenziale EDT

Looking for a lighter, breezier take? Try Ferragamo cologne Acqua Essenziale. Top notes of mint and lemon leaf; heart notes of lavender, geranium, rosemary, and aquatic notes; and base notes of labdanum, patchouli, vetiver, and musk make this cologne aromatic, green, and fresh.

Where Should You Wear It?

Perfect for inoffensive daytime wear, this cologne is great for the office or gym or anywhere else you might have in mind.

What Season Is It Best For?

This is a clean, fresh scent that is perfect for muggy, hotter months when you want a slightly soapy, aromatic scent bubble to follow you around. 

About the Brand

As a luxury goods company out of Florence, Italy, Ferragamo began with the work of Salvatore Ferragamo. In the 1920s, he got his name by creating quality footwear for women. 

Salvatore Ferragamo boutique

Over time and with expansion to the UK and the USA, Ferragamo became a household name for leather luxury goods for men and women, as well as for fragrance.

With its reputation as a vintage luxury brand, how much is a bottle of Ferragamo? These colognes are very reasonably priced, especially compared to other designer houses.

So Ferragamo is a great brand with which to dip your toe into the high-end fragrance world without ruining your budget.

Who Makes Ferragamo Colognes?

Like many designer houses, notable perfumers are contracted to come aboard and create the beloved fragrances that will form the core offerings of brands like Ferragamo.

Well-known noses like Alberto Morillas, Olivier Polge, and Jean-Pierre Mary, who have worked with houses like Acqua di Parma, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel, Guerlain, and Kilian, are some of the perfumers behind Ferragamo colognes.

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Best Ferragamo Colognes

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