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Solios Watch Review: Fashionable, Green, and Solar

We’ve all been there. You go to put on your favorite watch before work or a special event, only to find that the time isn’t even close to correct.

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Somewhere along the way that hard (or expensive) to replace battery died. And suddenly…you’re out of luck. That’s why we were so excited to try out the Solar Black Mesh watch from Solios.

In short, Solios is the answer to your timepiece needs. They have created lightweight, fashionable, sustainable, and solar-powered watches that eliminate the need for a trip to the jeweler, constant winding, or the use of those tiny screwdrivers to change a battery. Let’s talk more about why we’re loving Solios this fall.

Unboxing Solios Watch

The Design 

While there are several designs, colors, and aesthetics to choose from- we opted for a classic black face, silver dial, and stainless-steel black band. Overall, the watch is very lightweight and has a relatively thin face – meaning no sticking to your sleeves, getting caught on coats, etc.

The simple dial design is perfect for dressing up or down your look – adding to the accessory’s overall versatility. Finally, the steel band is super smooth and comfortable on the wrist (and good news for our hairy friends – the band/clasp doesn’t catch on your wrist/arm hair!).

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The clasp makes adjusting the size super simple without the stretching that can happen on more traditional leather band holes.

Finally, despite being solar-powered, the face is super clear (and features a sapphire coating to prevent minor scratches) masking the tech that keeps the watch moving. 

Man wearing Solos Watch


OK, you’re probably thinking, solar sounds great, but does the watch only work outside? Good news, no! Just two hours of light from either the sun or indoor lighting will provide 6 months (yes, 6) of battery life.

And no need to hold it directly under a lamp or place it on a windowsill- just wearing the watch will capture enough light to make it move. That means that no matter if you sport your Solios in the office or at the beach it will keep ticking away. 

Solios Watch

The Brand

While we know you’re already sold on Solios given their sleek designs and incredible solar technology, they’re a company committed to doing good and paying it forward making your purchase all the better. What you should know:

  • B Corp Certified – a first in the industry, Solios is B Corp certified meaning they believe in using their business for good and that they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact
  • 1 Watch = 1 Acre of Rainforest Protected – Solios collaborates with the Rainforest Trust organization enabling your purchase to directly support endangered species and one of our world’s most critical resources.
  • Eco Friendly – From vegan leather, to certified recycled steel, and the removal of single-use plastic from their supply chain, Solios has made commitments that benefit everyone and the fight against climate change.

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