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Hacks to Not Look Sick (Even When You Are)

It's cold and flu season and while we should all take a week off to recover properly, life must go on. Sometimes you just can't call in sick whether it's the coveted interview you finally got, your wedding day, or something else uncancellable, here are some hacks to help conceal the fact you're feeling under the weather.

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Wow Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Cold Hack #1: Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

"Essential Oils are always something I recommend to everyone due to the long list of benefits, but when you are sick with a cold it is especially important to have them around. The Eucalyptus Essential Oil helps open nasal passages, helps decongestion, and helps to boost immunity."

- Ashwin Sokke, Founder of WOW  

Purlisse Lip Balm

Cold Hack #2: Heal Dry and Cracked Lips

One of the biggest symptoms when you have a cold it that constant feeling that your lips are dry. A good nourishing lip balm is always important to have with you at all times. Apply whenever your lips need a little TLC!

- Jennifer Yen, Founder Purlisse

Peaceout Puffy Eyes

Cold Hack #3: Peace Out Puffy Eyes

Under-eye patches are great to use when you have a cold. When you've had little sleep due to coughing or sneezing, or if you are experiencing eye irritation, pop your eye patches in the fridge for a few hours prior to use to instantly depuff and soothe. Get brightening effects with active ingredients so good, you can fake those 8-hours of sleep in just 20 minutes.

- Enrico Frezza, Founder Peace Out Skincare

Creme Coction

Cold Hack #4: Hydrate Your Skin

Whenever you have a cold it is important to keep your skin (face especially) hydrated. When you are poorly, you naturally can become dehydrated. Give your skin a healing tonic with hyaluronic acid to alleviate dry skin, leaving you plump and replenished. Spirulina is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and chlorophyll to naturally cleanse your skin while maintaining moisture.

- Olive Kim, Founder of The Creme Shop

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