David Leo Yarus on Grooming for a Modern-Age SNAG

Are you familiar with the term SNAG?  If you're not, you should be!  SNAG is an acronym for a "Sensitive New Age Guy."  A SNAG is a modern man who's a gentleman, kind, not a douche, but still a man at the end of the day.  A SNAG knows his way around the kitchen, isn't afraid to clean, could design and furnish his own apartment, meditates, buys flowers for his apartment, etc.

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Meet David Leo Yarus, a modern-age SNAG. While specializing in self storage & wine storage, David is truly passionate about the art of the hustle – using his entrepreneurial business background to stay engaged in investing, start-ups, as well as real estate renovations. David is currently an investor in Chipotle, Apple, J-Swipe, and a new exciting Mezcal Tequila company. He recently participated in Burning Man and runs and manages a Condo Association. We asked him for his favorite grooming products. 

Over the years you hone in on your own style and grooming routine.  You try different products until you find the right ones -- and then taking it one step further is using products that reflect your character, ethos, &  lifestyle.  I think grooming or not grooming from time to time (camping, or maybe going to BurningMan) is part of showing up to life.  When I find something that I like and that really speaks to me I stick with it.        


I believe that some things are better off as classic as possible.  For example, I want my coffee to taste like coffee, my water to taste like water, and I certainly don't want my lips tasting like cherry unless my girlfriend is kissing me!  The Original Chapstick with SPF is as tried and true as they come.  It's perfect for different climates when I travel.  It's clean, basic in just the right way, and an everyday carry for me.  I don't feel right if I leave home without it.  I always strip the entire label to make it even more nondescript...that's just what I do.  Original...classic... I call it "Boy Balm!"   And fellas, take care of your lips -- the ladies will appreciate it.    

Crew Pomade

Oh man, American Crew Pomade is the best of old school!  3 things:  a medium hold, a nice little sheen, & it's not-sticky.  I also really dig their whole Mid Century Modern vibe.

Dr Bronners

In the words of Outkast, it's just  "so fresh & so clean clean!"  This stuff is amazing! It's organic, has like 18 different uses, and guaranteed you will start your day with a smile because of all the funny factoids and quotes on the bottle.  Not too mention you'll literally be tingling all morning *)  Dr. Bronner's is legit!  

Coqui Coqui Cologne

Maderas by Coqui Coqui is very special, and extremely original: and no one is rocking it!  It's a lifestyle brand that I associate with, designed and made with the best, and is super under the radar.  It comes from the jungles of Tulum, Mexico and I love the earthiness to it.

David Leo Yarus keeps his pulse to the real estate market through the operations of the self storage industry.  For the past several years, David has managed the operations of four self storage facilities totaling close to 200,000 square feet.  While the management of the self storage portfolio provides a foundation, David's true enthusiasm is within the residential real estate market.  As a licensed associate David has brokered rentals, sales, purchases, and has successfully purchased, fixed and flipped his own investment property. He is bullish on the South Florida real estate market and looks forward to finding more opportunities to exercise his operational skills and create value.

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