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Best Clean Smelling and Subtle Mens Cologne

Whether you want a clean smelling cologne for work, need a subtle cologne for  allergies, or just like fresh smelling colognes, many men prefer mild fragrances.  It’s also important to keep in mind that the experience of a fragrance can be affected by a number of factors beyond the perfume itself. I’ll […]


Is Oud the New Vetiver? Cologne Trends

There’s no doubt Oud or Agarwood has exploded as a fragrance this last decade. Where and when this began, we can only speculate. I myself think our presence as Americans in the Middle East made have had something to do with it. Soldiers and private contractors, business folk and what […]


Absolute Best Leather Colognes for Men

What is a leather fragrance?Based on the name of this olfactory family, it’s fairly obvious that these scents are meant to evoke the scent of leather. What many people don’t realize, though, is just how varied this fragrance family tends to be. Though leather plays a pivotal role in any […]