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Best Men's Burgundy Suits: Show Off Your Unique Style

Learn more about the best burgundy suits for this year's men's fashion and how to make them work for you.

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Our Shortlist For Best Men's Burgundy Suits

Burgundy Suit by H&M

Best for a Night Out or a Semi-formal Event

Are you always looking for the perfect outfit that would make you stand out from the crowd? This burgundy suit from H&M is slim-fit and has a modern design that's ideal for someone looking for a trendy and fashion-forward jacket. 

PROS: It provides comfort and ease of movement, has a fashionable design with trendy details, and offers functional features like pockets and a vent for ventilation.

CONS: The burgundy suit H&M's material may not be as breathable or durable as natural fibers like cotton or linen.

  • Star Rating: 4.5
  • Fit: As the name suggests, the jacket is tight-fitting and snug.
  • Comfort: The woven stretch fabric provides some flexibility and comfort. However, polyester and rayon could make the jacket less comfortable in warmer weather.
  • Durability: The jacket could be less durable than natural materials like wool or leather. However, the 100% polyester lining could provide some durability.

MYS Dark Burgundy Suit

Best for a Multifunctional, Modern Look

Are you always looking for fashionable and versatile clothing that you can wear to any event? This dark burgundy suit from MY'S may be the one for you. It's comfortable, durable, and suitable for weddings, parties, and holidays.

PROS: The MYS Men's 3-Piece dark burgundy suit is made from upscale materials and carefully crafted by experienced tailors to ensure high quality.

CONS: Minor distribution issues; some customers reported receiving the wrong size when ordering online, and the slim-fitting cut may not suit everyone's body type.

  • Star rating: 4.4
  • Fit: The MYS Men's 3 Piece Slim Fit Suit Set is true to size, and customers should order their usual size. 
  • Material: The suit set is 79% polyester and 21% viscose for the outer, and 100% polyester lining. 
  • Durability: The suit set features high-quality fabric buttons that are hand-stitched, strong, and durable. 

Express Burgundy Suit

Best for Standout Style and All-day Comfort

Are you the man who always strives for success in everything you do? Undoubtedly, your clothing is no exception. If you need a new suit for an important event, you're lucky to have stumbled upon this classic burgundy suit from Express: the Tech Suit Jacket.

PROS: The wrinkle-resistant suit jacket has a high level of stretch for maximum comfort and offers a convenient option for people who travel or have busy schedules. Its flap hand pockets are suitable for carrying essential items.

CONS: Some may consider the price point expensive, and while the reviews are positive, there are only a few.

  • Star rating: 5
  • Fit: It has a classic fit, which is more relaxed. The average fit based on user reviews says the suits fit as expected. 
  • Comfort: Made of a wool/polyester/spandex blend that provides maximum comfort.
  • Durability: The material used in this burgundy suit by Express is reportedly machine washable. Remember to follow washing instructions to ensure longevity.

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MOGU Burgundy Suit Jacket

Best for a Casual Look on Any Occasion

If you've been searching for a versatile burgundy suit jacket for work, parties, and other celebrations, the MOGU blazer may be one to check out. The blazer conforms to daily casual wear and formal occasions like weddings and business meetings.

PROS: The burgundy suit jacket comes in various colors and sizes, has a modern slim fit, is affordable, and has free returns for some sizes and colors.

CONS: It requires hand washing, the zipper quality could be better, and the pocket square may get sewn in, limiting customization.

  • Star rating: 4.3
  • Fit: The blazer has a modern slim fit design that flatters any man's body. It is true to size, and customers can order their usual size.
  • Durability: The blazer is made of high-quality materials and has a button closure. 
  • Comfort: The blazer is hand washable and can be worn separately or worn with a matching color vest and trousers. 

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ASOS DESIGN Skinny Pinstripe Suit

Best for Fashionable Elegance on a Budget

You'll admire yourself in the mirror wearing this pinstripe designer burgundy suit from ASOS. The jacket hugs your shoulders, making you look powerful and influential. The pinstripe design is subtle yet effective, making you stand out in a crowd, and the pants fit you perfectly, hugging your legs in all the right places. 

PROS: This designer burgundy suit offers a stylish and fresh option for those looking to make a statement.

CONS: Some customers have reported shipping issues with ASOS, such as slow order processing.

  • Price: 130
  • Star rating: 4.6 
  • Fit: Both the jacket and pants are designed with a slim fit, which can provide a modern and stylish look. 
  • Material: Both items' materials can provide comfort and flexibility for the wearer.
  • Care: Both the jacket and pants require dry cleaning for maintenance.

Events Perfect for a Burgundy Suit 

Burgundy suits are perfect for important events, including weddings and professional gatherings.

The bold color and sleek design will make you stand out from the crowd and allow you to create unique looks for different occasions.

Colors That Go With a Burgundy Suit 

Style your burgundy suit jacket with lighter and softer accessories, such as a white shirt and a muted tie. It creates a sleek and modern look that screams both fashionable and professional.

Styling a burgundy suit

Try a tonal floral tie as the fall wedding approaches – pair it with your slim-cut burgundy suit and add a white shirt to create a stylish and unique ensemble. 

You can pair it with black shoes and a white shirt for a sophisticated look or add a pop of color with a patterned tie or pocket square.

Are Burgundy Suits in Style?

While some may stick to traditional black or navy suits, a burgundy suit can make a bold statement and set you apart from the crowd. Picture yourself wearing a burgundy suit to a fall wedding or formal event

Man wearing stylish burgundy suit

You'll turn heads as people notice your suit's unique and stylish color.

Final Thoughts

A burgundy suit is an excellent choice if you want to make an impression and show off your unique style. These suits are versatile, look great on any skin tone, and keep you looking sharp and fashionable. 

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Burgundy Suits for Men

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