Cocktail Attire for Men: Know It and Own It

Cocktail attire is a dress code that’s been gaining some momentum to overpass the long-accepted semi-formal rules.

The dress code borrows from business dress with some freedoms. It's a chance to try outdifferent colors and patterns not always appropriate for the office

Cocktail became the default for sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, after-business networking, weddings and New Year’s Eve parties

A Lace-Up Dress Shoe - either a smooth-toed oxford or a derby. These pairs will project a more polished, professional impression.

Pair it with...

It’s the cologne for the guy who doesn’t wear cologne. It does fade quickly though so be prepared to reapply.

For weddings...

You don’t want to overshadow the the groom so keep it simple, classic, and muted with greys, blues, or tan hues. 

Read the article for more on how to wear this dress code including starting points and the no-no's.

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