10 Famous Male Celebrities and Their Favorite Colognes

Everyone’s got their signature scent. Whether it’s for a date night out, the red carpet, or just a casual weekend, a man’s fragrance choice says a lot without saying a word.

It’s the cologne for the guy who doesn’t wear cologne. It does fade quickly though so be prepared to reapply.

Grey Vetiver is a gentleman’s cologne, and it’s the signature scent of Hugh Jackman. As the name suggests, Grey Vetiver really emphasizes vetiver.

Hugh Jackman

Jay Z rocks Millesime Imperial by Creed, a fresh, classy, unisex Creed fragrance that’s reminiscent of tropical fruit and sea breeze.

Jay Z

This famous male celebrity’s known as the actor who plays Thor— Chris Hemsworth put the hammer down with HUGO by Hugo Boss to create a cologne that even the god of thunder can’t resist.

Chris Hemsworth

John Varvatos is Jimmy’s go-to for a fragrance fit for the entertainers. Unique blends of leather, Mediterranean herbs, and vanilla provide an aroma that would keep anyone on their toes.

Jimmy Fallon

Read the article for more favorites of the famous - including Sean Combs, Pharell, Tyler the Creator, Beckham, Lebron James and more.

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