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Best Sweat Shorts for Men: Uber Comfort

Sweat shorts are an awesome addition to any man or woman's wardrobe. Like any great piece of comfort clothing, they'll come in many styles and fabrics to suit your needs. 

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The trouble is simply deciding which ones to purchase. They all look so stylish and so comfortable. So which ones are worth the money? Let's take a look.

Our Shortlist - Best Sweat Shorts for Men

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites according to the event they’re best suited for below.

Hanes Men's 2-Pack Cotton Lounge Drawstring Knit Shorts

Best Basic: Hanes Men's 2-Pack Cotton Knit Short

Sometimes all you need is a basic pair of versatile shorts. These cotton knit shorts come with no bells and whistles: just plain old cotton that is comfortable as loungewear, pajamas, or workout clothes.


  • Soft cotton material
  • Strong drawstrings
  • Great for tall people to wear


  • Shrink in the dryer

Nautica Mens Soft Cotton Shorts

Best Running Shorts: Nautica Men's Sweat Shorts

The Nautica men's sweat shorts have nice perks for runners, such as a pocket for a phone or wallet. Both the inside and outside are pretty comfy, even if the waistband is a little tight. You might want to size up slightly for this pair.

Fernweh Editions: Candles That Take You on a Journey


  • Soft material inside and outside
  • Bright, vivid colors
  • Side pockets


  • Sized a little small 

Billabong Men's All Day Sweat Short

Best Everyday Wear: Billabong Men's All Day Sweat Short

The best kinds of shorts have a lot of flexibility to them. These Billabong gray men's shorts were made for everyday wear, with a comfortable elastic waistband. If you need to stick your phone or wallet someplace real quick, the back pocket has you covered. The size chart should not be hard to follow.


  • True to size
  • Elastic waistband with extra drawstring
  • Back pocket


  • May not suit guys with skinny thighs

maamgic Mens Athletic Gym Shorts

Most Versatile: maamgic Men's Athletic Gym Shorts 

Athletic shorts need to be comfortable and able to wick moisture. The magic men's athletic shorts have those qualities on top of being 80% cotton and having several zip-up pockets.

We like how the pockets are deep enough to hold a phone and zip up, so nothing falls out while working. Even after several washings, the shorts don't easily pill, and the colors don't fade.


  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking cotton material
  • Three pockets with zippers for better security
  • The fabric doesn't pill after many washings


  • It might not be great for people with thick thighs

adidas Men's Tastigo 19 Shorts

Most Breathable: Adidas Men's Tastigo 19 Shorts

Like any good pair of shorts, the Adidas Tastigo shorts combine quality moisture-wicking cotton with a mesh layer for better breathability. The only downside is that they don't have pockets. 

They do have an ideal inseam length for both short and tall people. However, they're slightly transparent, which might be for breathability's sake, so don't wear too bright a color of underwear under them. Some people might enjoy how snug the shorts are, though.


  • A comfortable combination of cotton and mesh
  • Wicks moisture and breaths well
  • Fit snugly against the body


  • Slightly transparent on the thigh area, especially for white colors

Champion Men's 9 Mesh Short

Best Basketball Shorts: Champion Men's 9" Mesh Short, C Logo

Unlike the other entries on this list, Champion's men's shorts are 100% polyester with a mesh lining. Still, they're lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Whether you have a large or small build, they should accommodate most sizes without going over your knees.

The shorts are a little transparent, even with the inner lining, but it's only a problem if you wear bright underwear beneath them. They seem to hold up well after multiple washes and don't lose their color. Not to mention the large pockets that can hold various items.


  • Mesh polyester material is comfortable and breathes well
  • Bright colors hold up over multiple washings
  • Enormous pockets


  • Slightly transparent

Quiksilver Men's Otway Fleece Sweat Short

Most Stylish: Quiksilver Men's Otway Fleece Sweat Short

The first short brand on this list meant for adventure sports, the Quiksilver fleece sweat shorts combine some of our favorite things about sweat shorts. It's got a good inseam, a comfortably fitting drawstring waistband, and some stylish colors and patterns. 

Most of all, we love how they look like everyday shorts, but they're also perfect for lounging. You could wear them out for a casual lunch or while hanging around at home. 


  • Stylish colors and patterns
  • You can wear them at home or to casual outings
  • Comfortable fit


  • Only two color options

Nike Men's Sportswear Club Short

Most Colorful: Nike Men's Sportswear Club Shorts

These sweat shorts are unmistakably Nike sweat shorts, with a huge, stylish graphic on one leg. Not to mention all the different colors they come in. If your chosen size runs a little larger, there is a drawcord inside the elastic waistband to help with fit. 

The pockets are not the biggest, so they might not fit larger phone models. The back pocket, on the other hand, should be large enough to accommodate your wallet. That might be a good thing, though, since some people have had holes appear in the pockets from carrying heavier items.


  • Bright, stylish colors
  • Drawcord inside elastic waistband
  • Stylish Nike graphic on one leg


  • Pockets are too small for larger phones
  • Heavier items might tear holes in pockets

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Fleece Sweat Short

Best At-Home Comfort: Tommy Hilfiger Men's Fleece Sweat Short

Made from 78% cotton, Tommy Hilfiger fleece sweat shorts are among the softest on the market.

They have the usual trappings of a drawcord in an elastic waistband and three different pockets: one at each side and a third on the back. They're also casual enough to wear around the house or when you're out and about. 

These shorts are a little oversized, but that's part of the comfort. You are free to order a size down if you don't enjoy oversized loungewear. 


  • Stylish for both lounging and casual outings
  • Elastic waistband accommodates most sizes
  • Fleece material is comfortable and soft


  • Back pocket is too small

True Religion Men's High Waisted Relaxed Fit Sweatshort

Best for Regular Use: True Religion Men's Sweat Short

The True Religion men's sweat shorts serve a simple purpose: be comfortable and stylish. You'll find the basic back pocket, drawstring cord, and bright color from all the best sweat shorts available.

They're comfortable, they have a flexible inseam for both short and tall people, and that's almost all there is to it. 


  • Bright, fun colors
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Simple back pocket and drawstring cord


  • Only two color options

About Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are a companion piece to sweatshirts. They're made from cotton meant to keep you warm during a workout. 

Where to Wear Sweat Shorts

The fun of sweat shorts is that you can wear them any way you like. Some people use them for workout clothes, while others use them for pajamas, lounge clothes, or a cover-up in summertime.

How to Style Your Sweat Shorts

You don't have to pair sweat shorts with a sweatshirt. That is still a nice style, especially if you pair them with your favorite hat or baseball cap. 

You might consider pairing sweat shorts with a cardigan or a button-down shirt. A simple white T-shirt of any kind would do too.

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