What Is a Beard Fade & How to Get It

Learning the right way to fade a beard is a skill that any bearded man would want to know how to do.

The idea of a faded beard is to blend the hair around the temples to your sideburns, then to your beard.

What is a Beard Fade?

Faded beards can be long or short, but keep in mind - the longer you choose to make it, the more dramatic the fade's overall effect will be.

Guys who choose to rock beards with semi-or completely shaved heads should strongly consider fading their beards

Should you fade your beard?

The idea of a faded beard is to incorporate a manly look with a manicured clean look.

What is a Beard Fade?

Low Razor Fade With a Short Curly Top

This is a clean and professional look for African American hair and other guys with generally curly hair.

Beard Fade for a Bald Head

If you have little or no hair on top but like to keep a full beard, this is the style for you. Fades look great with bald hairstyles, so learning how to do this yourself is almost essential.

Read the article for more on beard fades, including 3 more styles and step-by-step instructions on how to fade your own beard.

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