How To Wear Suspenders & Pull Them Off

Suspenders for men have evolved from practical to an accessory that adds flair to both casual and formal outfits.

Also known as suit braces, suspenders are long pieces of textile or leather designed to fit over the shoulder and fasten to pants.

They were a precursor to belts and were the preferred way to support pants before World War II.

It’s the cologne for the guy who doesn’t wear cologne. It does fade quickly though so be prepared to reapply.

Wear it with a Suit

This is an opportunity to inject style into your two-piece suit - existing in a realm of cocktail, wedding, and semi-formal attire.

Think of Wall Street for inspiration. Pair your white dress shirt and striped pants with a set of suspenders. Make sure you’re adding a buttoned pair, especially if you plan to wear a suit.

Wear it with formal or business wear

On casual attire, there are few limits for accessories. Whether you’re wearing jeans, or chinos, or a T-shirt, or a camp collar -  suspenders makes a statement.

Wear it with a casual outfit

Read the article for more of our favorites, the various types of suspenders, plus the do's and dont's of styling your outfit with them.

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