3 Best T-Shirts for Men You Need to Own

With so many brands and product options, it's challenging when choosing the right t-shirt.

Here are 3 that look great on all body types. They're also great for business casual attire, traveling, or date night.

The Classic: Basic Tee

A great fitting t-Shirt standard is essential for any man's wardrobe, think crew-neck, no matter your body type.

A Henley shirt has a row of 2-3 buttons in the front and no collar. The buttons give it a twist from a basic tee and combine fashion and function.

Stylish Simplicity: The Henley Shirt

The collar gives it a more formal feel so wear this to events that are a step up from casual but less formal than a dress shirt. Also wear it with a suit for  a modern spin.

A Step-up from Casual: Polo Shirt

Read the article for more on these essentials, how to style your tees, plus some celebrity inspo.

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