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Urban Men’s Fashion Review: Elwood Clothing

When it comes to urban men's fashion, it can be challenging to find the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. When I came across Elwood Clothing, I knew it was something special.

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They’re a brand that specializes in vintage-inspired designs that are hand-distressed for an authentic, classic style.

Not only do their products look great, but they are also made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Elwood Tee

On their About page, they write that Elwood began in the mid 90s as a skate brand, drawing inspiration from skate culture and modern trends to provide the best fabrics, washes, and silhouettes available.

Now, many of their products are perfect for the modern man who wants to strike the balance between comfort and style. 

Our Favorite Elwood Clothing Pieces

Elwood Oversized Core Tee: Urban Mens Fashion

Best for a Vintage Style: Oversized Core Tee

The Oversized Core Tee is where Elwood’s commitment to vintage aesthetics shine. It features a hand-distressed crew neck collar that adds just the right amount of grittiness to the piece. I also loved the vintage black color, which is a touch lighter in value than a typical black fabric.

It helps the shirt feel broken in and faded from washes, which is just what you need for capturing a classic skate and streetwear aesthetic.

The oversized fit of the shirt creates a boxy silhouette that is a favorite among trendy dressers like Lewis Hamilton and Johna Hill


  • The oversized fit is stylish and comfortable.
  • The hand-distressed detailing gives the shirt a unique and authentic look.
  • The cotton material is high quality, yet lightweight.


  • The oversized fit may not be suitable for everyone.
  • The hand-distressed detailing may cause the shirt to wear out faster than a non-distressed shirt.


The Oversized Core Tee has a relaxed, oversized fit that is perfect for a laid-back look. It drapes nicely over the body and is not too tight or too loose.

I liked how the shirt was long enough to drape past my waistline, while the sleeves fell to just above the elbow: exactly how an oversized tee should look. However, some people may prefer a more fitted look, so keep that in mind when ordering. 


The Oversized Core Tee is made with 100% cotton, which is breathable and lightweight. The loose fit helps make this shirt as comfortable as it is stylish, allowing for unrestricted movement.


The shirt is made with a durable single stitch construction that’s perfect for this lightweight fabric. Since the collar comes pre-distressed, it could appear worn out faster than a typical shirt.

If you’re concerned about its lifespan, try using a more delicate washing and drying cycle. 


The Oversized Core Tee is set at a fair price, thanks to its high quality fabric and hand-distressed design.

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Elwood Core Sweatshort

Best for Comfort: Core Sweatshort

The Core Sweatshort is an excellent addition to anyone’s loungewear collection. It’s casual and comfortable, but well made so that it’s ready for wherever you take it.

Like the Core Tee, the color and fabric is nicely broken in, helping the material feel soft to the touch.

For that reason, they’ll be a go-to part of my wardrobe all spring and summer, when I need something that looks in vogue without sacrificing on comfort. Whether you’re spending the night in or out, these shorts will have you looking and feeling great.


  • The above knee fit looks fantastic.
  • The cotton material is soft and breathable.
  • The drawstring waistband allows for a customizable fit.
  • Three pockets add functionality to the shorts


  • There are more affordable options for shorts elsewhere.
  • The fit could be too loose around the thighs for some.
Elwood Shorts


The Core Sweatshort has a loose, comfortable fit that is perfect for lounging around, running errands, or attending casual social events. The drawstring waistband allows for a customizable waist fit, and the shorts hit just above the knee with a 5 inch inseam.

On my narrower frame, a size small fits well with a bit of room to breathe. However, some people may prefer a tighter short, especially if you like slim fitting clothes, so keep that in mind when ordering.


The Core Sweatshort is made with a 12 oz brushed terry cotton material that is both comfortable and easy to care for. The shorts become slightly wider at the thigh, making the shorts extra breathable. 


It’s clear they spared no expense when selecting materials for these shorts. The cotton is robust, and I have no doubt it will hold up well over time. 


Elwood’s shorts aren’t the cheapest option around, but given their durability, comfort, and vintage style, it’s easy to see why. The thick brushed terry cotton feels especially reliable, so these shorts are worth the investment: they’ll have a place in your wardrobe for a long time.

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Elwood Core Hoodie

Best for the Cold: Core Hoodie

If you’re looking for urban men's fashion for cooler weather, the Core Hoodie is the way to go. Pair it with the Core Sweatshort on a cool summer night, or layer it with a jacket and pants in the fall or winter if you need some extra warmth.

Like the other products I’ve mentioned, it’s made of excellent quality material, and Elwood’s streetwear influence is on full display in the details and fit of this hoodie. 


  • The fleece material is warm and comfortable.
  • The hoodie has a relaxed fit that is perfect for layering.
  • The ribbed cuff and hem looks and feels great.


  • The chest and arm width may be too large for some people.


The Core Hoodie has a relaxed fit that’s slightly cropped, making it perfect for layering over a t-shirt or under a jacket. The sleeves run a bit long, which adds to the overall casual look.

I personally found the hoodie to be a bit large along my chest and arms, and if you’ve got a narrower frame like I do, you may benefit from ordering a size down.

Be sure to check the size chart before ordering, and be aware that Elwood recommends ordering a size up for an oversized look.


Like the sweatshorts, the Core Hoodie is made with a brushed terry cotton that will keep you warm on cool days. The hoodie has plenty of room, making it well suited for both loungewear and activewear. 


The 100% organic cotton is strong, and parts of the sweatshirt are constructed with a double stitch for added durability. It features a ribbed cuff and hem which will hold up well against daily wear. 


The Core Hoodie is a straightforward vintage design that can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. It brings a degree of simplicity that helps keep the price moderate without compromising on the quality of materials and construction. 

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Final Thoughts

Elwood clothing is easy to wear and sure to impress.

They’re an excellent addition to the wardrobe of a man who’s looking to stay up-to-date with the latest in loungewear.

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