The Godfather of Aquatic Fragrances: Cool Water for Men Review

Back in the late 80’s, most designers were producing intense, powerhouse fragrances. With the creation of Cool Water for men, the house of Davidoff broke the mold and introduced the world to fresh, aquatic fragrances. Launched in 1988, Cool Water was the first fragrance of its kind and has paved the way for other sport and aquatic fragrances.

The nose behind this timeless scent is Pierre Bourdon, who has created many fragrances, including another classic, Kouros by YSL. There have been many reformulations of Cool Water and over 20 flankers released as well, including Cool Water Ocean Extreme and Cool Water Cool Summer. However, the original scent is still the most popular by far.

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Though Cool Water is known for being one of the first aquatic fragrances in the game, it’s got notes of greenery that could also qualify it as a fougere. Top notes deliver mint, green, lavender, coriander, and rosemary, giving the scent a green freshness from the start. Though lavender can oftentimes give a fragrance a cheap feel, the lavender here isn’t overbearing, so you don’t get that laundry detergent scent. The heart opens up into notes of geranium, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood. The base of cedarwood, musk, amber, and tobacco gives the scent a masculine dry down.

Cool Water is a versatile fragrance – men of any age can wear it with confidence. Its freshness makes it best suited to daytime wear in the summer and spring. You can likely get away with wearing it in the fall as well, but the harshness of the winter would drown out the scent. It’s got great projection and decent longevity, lasting about 5-7 hours. One thing to look out for: this is a very popular scent that has been around for a long time, so you run the risk of people telling you that your smell reminds them of someone else. While this is a quality cologne, it won’t leave you smelling unique.

Cool Water’s presentation is classic with no frills: it comes in a blue bottle, hinting at its aquatic feel, with a black top. The box doesn’t come wrapped in cellophane, so if you order it online and don’t see plastic wrapping, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean you’ve been ripped off or that anyone has messed with the bottle.

Gifting and Layering

This classic scent comes in several other products aside from the original eau de toilette spray, including several sets that make great gifts.

Cool Water by Davidoff for Men EDT Spray (4.2 oz.) and Aftershave (2.5 oz.)

This is a great gift set for anyone who’s just looking to get started with fragrances or for anyone who is a fan of Cool Water. The set comes with a bottle of the original Cool Water Eau de Toilette and a smaller bottle of aftershave, which is usually quite a good deal. It’s worth noting that the aftershave is a liquid splash, so if you prefer a lotion, this probably isn’t the best product for you.

Zino Davidoff Cool Water 4 Piece Gift Set

This is another great option for a lover of the classic Cool Water scent. The four-piece gift set comes with eau de toilette spray (2.5 oz.), a liquid splash aftershave (2.5 oz.), aftershave balm (2.5 oz.), and shower gel (2.5 oz.). It costs around $40 on Amazon, and reviewers note that it makes a great gift for men of any age.

Cool Water by Davidoff for Men Mild Deodorant Spray (2.5 oz.)

The deodorant spray offers the same Cool Water scent, though it’s slightly less potent, according to most reviews. It comes in a bottle styled just like the bottle for the eau de toilette. Most reviewers love the product and use it as their signature fragrance. However, if you want to obtain the projection of a cologne, you may need to supplement it with a few sprays of the Cool Water eau de toilette.

Cool Water by Davidoff for Women Eau de Toilette Spray (6.7 oz.)

Ten years after the launch of the men’s fragrance, Davidoff released a Cool Water for Women. It provides the same green, fresh scent as the male version, and users seem to love it for all the same reasons. It begins with an aquatic feel, but then opens further into spices and floral. Women who use this scent love its freshness, and note that they use it as a go-to scent for daytime wear during the summer. Many reviewers note that it smells like a unisex fragrance.

It has top notes of citrus, honeydew melon, quince, pineapple, lotus, and lily. Its heart contains notes of may rose, jasmine, and muguet. Its base notes include musk, vanilla, peach, sandalwood, orris, and vetiver.

In conclusion, Cool Water is definitely a ground-breaking and iconic scent. It's one that's a pretty safe bet as it's proven it has mass appeal by being a perpetual best-selling cologne. I personally prefer something more unique and distinctive so if I'm in the mood for an aquatic, I'm more apt to go for Virgin Island Water or L’Eau d’Issey. However, I do recommend this as a safe bet as a gift or for a guy who wants to try cologne but is a little hesitant to invest too much.