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Tame Coarse Hair: Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Flat ironing men's hair is a touchy subject, but with the right direction, literally, anyone can do it and look good.

Here is how to smooth out wild textures without turning into a 90s boy bandlook-a- like.

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Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Step 1

Spray Redken Iron Shape 11 all over and comb through to protect hair from heat, addshine and reduce frizz.

CHI Turbo Ionic Silicone Short Taper Comb

Step 2

Starting at the back of the head, pick up a section about a fingers width and combthrough with a fine-tooth silicone comb to make sure there are no tangles. If there are the ironwill lock them in.

Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Step 3

Pull the hair straight with fingers and place iron around section without closing. Don't clamp down immediately, it will produce a crease in the hair and probably make things look too rigid. The Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron is a good size iron for any length of hair and the rounded plates avoid creasing and snagging, so it makes it a good choice for men.

Step 4

Allow the heat of the iron to begin to work into the hair with the iron open, and as their on moves towards the ends of the hair, begin to close the iron. Curly and coarse hair requires more heat and tensions medium texture and finer hair need low heat and very little tension.

Step 5

Continue in the same way moving forward towards the hairline.

Step 6

If hair becomes thinner at the front, start taking smaller pieces and go very light with the heat and tension to avoid the look becoming too stick straight.

Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Step 7

Finish with favorite dry texture product. Redken Fashion Waves 07 is a sea salt spray that is good for creating a dry look on finer hair and Redken Work Hard Molding Hair Paste for Men is a strong hold paste for more difficult textures that adds extra shine to the finish.

Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Hair:  Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa® Photographer:  Shalem Mathew Styling: Michelle Boucher

Flat Ironing Guide for Men

Andrew Carruthers career as a hairdresser has been extremely diverse. Fueled by over 17 years of full time work in a salon, his experience also includes salon ownership, photographic work, as well as personal and professional coaching.

As an educator, Andrew has worked for many national cosmetology brands and is currently the Education Director for Sam Villa®, a brand that provides a wide variety of both online and live education.

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