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Swoveralls Review: New Leisurewear Must Have?

I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Swoveralls of Shark Tank fame, I wasn’t sure how much was loungewear genius vs marketing gimmick. The combination of sw(eatpants) + overalls certainly sounds catchy but do we really need them, aren’t sweatpants just fine as they are? 

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Despite the photos on their website depicting them as cheerful Instagram-friendly streetwear, I was worried I'd just feel like I was wearing an odd adult onesie. First of all, I’m not a huge fan of overalls — I like the concept but denim overalls always feel a bit stiff. Meanwhile, I’ve never met a sweatpant I don’t love. So when their PR reached out for a review, I was excited to try them out but also prepared for mixed feelings.

Swoveralls look great on Instagram but what about real life?

When I received the package, the first thing I noticed was the material. The fabric is a luxurious, thick, and soft blend of organic cotton & recycled polyester. I was planning to try them on later, but the material made me realize how uncomfortable my jeans were and so I slipped them on immediately. 

I wasn’t disappointed — they’re easy to wear with enough stretch to move but sturdy enough to feel substantial. While I was confident about their comfort, I was concerned about looking like Mario or an overgrown toddler. They definitely are a bit oversized but I was pleasantly surprised that they are fitted at the thigh like a good jogger.

They're actually more fitted and flattering than I expected.

In addition, there are a lot of thoughtful details such as the zipper fly, side pockets, and the secret zipped pocket inside the bib that make them more enjoyable to wear. The hardware for the buckles also feels sturdy and has a nice finish. While I was excited to wear them through my next Netflix binge, I still wasn't sure if they actually looked good.

The secret zipped interior pocket is my favorite detail.

Then my friend came over. After explaining I was in the middle of very important product testing, she immediately assessed, declared them cute, and demanded to try them on as well. After adjusting the straps a bit, the Swoveralls were a bit looser but also looked great on her. (Maybe even better than on me but I wasn’t giving them up that easily).

Swoveralls now have a coveted spot in my cozy leisurewear collection. They feel like a more opulent version of sweatpants for days when you want to be extra indulgent. Meanwhile, my friend bought Swovie Shorts (overalls + shorts) and wears them everywhere. 

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Swoveralls Review

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