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Summer Hair Trends for Men

by Paul Labrecque 

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Haircut Forecast for Summer

Summer is often a time that inspires us to think about a new look. This is true for both sexes.

In 2017 we saw facial hair getting longer, almost having an Amish-like quality to it. As beards go, this does get a bit cumbersome for us guys who are just not used to wearing our food on our hair follicles! Plus, there’s lots of maintenance involved in washing and combing frequently.

I tried this look for a bit last year, but quickly shortened down to full stubble. I believe shorter, tighter beards with longer hair will be on trend these next few months — just as hot as last year’s shaved sides and long top looks.

Summer Hair Trends for Men 2018


For this season and beyond, here’s an example of a look at the direction in which I believe we’re headed.

Summer Hair Trends for Men 2018


In comparison, here’s where we are right now and have been for some time.

3 Steps to Changing Your Hair Style

If you’re ready to grow out the hair on your head there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. First, you’ll actually have to go shorter to get longer. Any imbalance with shaved sides and an extra long top does not grow out evenly. I recommend cropping off that top and aiming to fill in the sides. This will be one big look this summer.
  2. To keep your hair looking stylish as you grow it out, using a pomade that’s oil-based is very important. Lots of guys reach for gel, which is really a thick, sticky syrupy products that goes on wet and dries hard. The problem with this is that once the gel hardens it cannot to touched. If you run your fingers through your hair later the gel then breaks, dusts off your strands and you have to keep reapplying it. Pomade is a paste and because it is made of oil it never fully dries but it absorbs well in the hair, leaving it tame and touchable.
  3. As you grow out your hair on the sides of your head, accept your natural wave! I make two great pomades I recommend, my Paul Labrecque Daily Finish Matte Pomade is waxy and provides more of a dull finish while controlling frizz, and my Paul Labrecque Daily Finish Shea Butter Texture Balm quickly dries up but provide shine. Both of these products have great hold and still allow for strand separation.

Nothing looks worse to me than seeing a man who has a mid-length cut take a straightening iron to it! Remember a little messy is sexy, and this type of style will also encourage your partner to run their fingers through your hair.

Longer Hair with Barbers vs Stylists

When you’re ready to switch up your look, keep in mind barbers are well-equipped to edge and provide handy clipper work, but when it comes to using scissors to properly texturize waves and your stands, a barber might not be the best choice. Do not underestimate the power of a great stylist, especially for the hair on your head! The cumbersome clippers barbers use are not suggested for cutting longer hair.

A trained hair stylist will use scissors of different lengths and points to give you a great look. Different tools are needed to help the hair grow out nicely and move well as it does. We will seldom cut straight across. With a stylist you’ll likely receive a proper cut for your specific needs. Even men with very straight hair need texture in their length to encourage it to separate and fall more piecey.

I also find a man with a shaved head and a scruff beard to be one of the sexiest looks out there!

Summer Hair Tips

To sum up, here’s my advice for these next few months:

  1. Crop the top of your hair, cutting into it to encourage some messiness
  2. Let your sides fill in
  3. Relay on pomades for daily styling to give texture and hold
  4. Shampoo less with waves and texture. Having a little natural oil is key!
  5. Embrace all of your different looks as you grow out your hair, wear them with a little mess and enjoy your active lifestyle this season
Summer Hair Trends for Men 2018

A true hair visionary and entrepreneur, Paul Labrecque believes simplicity is the key to natural beauty. Renowned for clean, modern cuts, custom-blended color and a fashion-forward sense of style, Paul takes effortless beauty to the next level with a “less is more” approach to daily hair care and styling.

Paul’s life-long passion for hair combined with his creativity and engaging personality has earned him a loyal following, a couple of highly successful Manhattan salons and day spas, a location in Palm Beach and in Philadelphia, an ever-expanding, award-winning premium hair care collection and a thriving retail business.  He also boasts one of the most respected and comprehensive training institutes for up-and-coming stylists in New York City.  Paul’s motivation stems from a hands-on approach to all aspects of his business, but receives his greatest inspiration from teaching, nurturing and preparing his up-and-coming assistants for their careers in beauty.



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