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Secret Behind P. Diddy’s and Brad Goreski’s Perfect Red-Carpet Skin

There's that healthy glow from comes from well-cared for skin and celebrities facing the scrutiny and cameras of the red carpet are careful to start preparing well ahead of time. I asked celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas how she prepped A-listers Brad Goreski and P. Diddy for the 70th annual Met Gala, Heavenly Bodies. 

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First off, facials aren't just for celebrity guys. Vargas points out, “they mean less irritation from shaving, less ingrown hairs and less breakouts. Your skin is your biggest organ and should be taken care of. Facials gently erase dull skin and fine lines leavings skin silky smooth with a renewed radiance. The facial also improves clarity, texture and tone with regular treatments.”

Below, Vargas shares the details on how each treatment preps her clients for the big event using a mix of her high-tech treatments and all-natural skincare.

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Super Nova Facial

The Super Nova Facial is a new treatment that we introduced for 2018’s award season. We start off by peeling the skin with my latest tool, the Aqua Peel. It uses an oxygenating formula of nutrients, saline and glycolic acid to smooth out dry skin to prep it for red carpet makeup.  We infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals to increase circulation, reduce fine lines and gently plump the skin. Then, we follow with microcurrent to lift, contour and depuff the face. We mask with a medical-grade collagen mask to infuse the skin with vital nutrients. Next, we do cryotherapy which increases circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Lastly, we finish the facial with oxygen.

Triple Crown Facial

The Triple Crown Facial is a fantastic treatment to get before an event and is favored by my celebrity clients before a shoot or any appearance on the red carpet.  We start with microdermabrasion using a diamond-tipped wand. Then, we use a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone muscle, tighten skin and reshape the face. By the end of the first treatment the jawline will be more defined, cheekbones more pronounced and clients will have younger looking, refreshed eyes.  The final step is a vitamin-spiked oxygen treatment to give skin an instant glow. There is no downtime, everyone loves the results and the effects are cumulative! 

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LED Light Bed

My patented, anti-aging LED Light Bed, developed after reading studies that have shown LED lights heal the skin at a 300% faster rate, promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation and shrinks pores. The bed covers the entire body with red and infrared light, eliminating cellulite, lines, wrinkles and stretch marks to give a smoother and more even skin tone – all over!

Secret Behind P. Diddy’s and Brad Goreski’s Perfect Red-Carpet Skin

Results at Home: Super Nova Serum

For an achievable, at-home glow, use Joanna’s NEW Super Nova Serum, an all-natural, skin-soothing retinol serum, for firmer, more luminous skin.

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