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How to Use Scalp Scrubs

Whether it be skin, a dessert, an animal, smooth is a characteristic we naturally agree on. It’s in our blood to believe smooth means safe. There is an immense comfort when engaging with smooth textures on the day today.

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Luckily, or unluckily, smooth goes great the body as well. If we have the option to scrub down on those seemingly dangerous surfaces, be our skin, our nails, or otherwise, why wouldn’t we?

My shower regimen, plenty enjoyable as is, embraced a new scalp scrub a few weeks ago. It’s one of the biggest differences I’ve felt in the bathroom since learning about activated charcoal.

Scalp scrub gets down to the root of my hair to cleanse my noggin and my hair all at once. It’s so rewarding while being so easy to use.

How to Use Scalp Scrub

NatureLab. Tokyo’s scalp scrub is an exfoliant for living your best hair life. It’s similar to a very strong shampoo meeting a St. Ives scrub. While there are lots of options for face exfoliation, we’re currently limited in the hair sector to physical.

How do scalp scrubs work?

A physical exfoliant involves solid particles rubbing off to smooth rough texture and lift dead cells away. I apply scalp scrub the exact same way as a shampoo but am thorough as possible to remove any built-up gunk. One of my favorite characteristics of this scrub is the foaming, which gives me the satisfaction of cleanliness.

How often should I use scalp scrubs?

Since the scalp scrub is a powerhouse product, it only needs to be used once or twice a week.

Lots of my friends like washing their hair every day so if you want to keep shiny hair on the scrub’s off days, use this shine shampoo.

Of course, the foaming alone makes this scalp scrub worth it, (I need the cleanest feeling products in my shower) but there’s something else worth highlighting. As we’ve seen quite recently, ingredients in skincare have been drastically improving.

What should I look for in a scalp scrub?

NatureLab. Tokyo incorporated some classic skincare ingredients for a healthy hair routine.

● Hyaluronic acid: ensures locked in moisture for hair making it stronger

● Sake water: to keep your hair pH balance in check!

● Glycerin: while found in a lot of moisturizers, glycerin is most commonly found in food.

It’s the perfect ingredient to leave your hair shiny, even if you don’t have time to wash it for a day or two

Follow scrub with conditioner

Every conditioner is designed to make hair soft. It’s why we use a conditioner in the first place. This conditioner makes hair soft and shiny from naturally sourced oils.

Of course, using a Pantene conditioner will get you faux Selena Gomez locks of love but NatureLab. Tokyo will make your hair glisten and gleam. Not to mention, the bottle is totally Instagram worthy!

Here are some of the ingredients that make this conditioner one of a kind. Ingredients:

● Mango Seed Oil: prevents dandruff AND nourishes the scalp

● Platinum Fiber: glazes the hair with shine by bringing out the hair's natural reflective properties

● Hydrolyzed Collagen: strengthens hair, protects follicles, prevents aging and thinning, need I say more?


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