Renaissance Man: Style with Grammy Award Winning Songwriter Vincent Berry II

Meet Grammy Award winning songwriter Vincent Berry II, who wrote the heartbreaking Sandcastles for Beyonce’s Lemonade album and went from homeless to winning Best Dressed at the 2017 Grammy Awards. I asked him what shaped his personal sense of style and grooming.

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Detroit has always been a staple of urban fashion, culture and renaissance for the urban centers of the west. Being born and raised there the son of a prominent preacher and businessman,  I was always surrounded by men who took grooming and style very seriously. As early as I can remember, my outfit of choice was a nice pair of dark slacks, a clean white shirt, tie with matching suspenders, a stylish blazer and a pair of wingtips. I just enjoyed how people interpreted who I was when I dressed in a suit or ancestral attire as opposed to urban wear. 

After losing my father to an untimely death at the age of 13, I began gleaming style and fashion ideas from every man that inspired me. It wasn't until much later in my life, after deciding to return to college that I really learned how to fully express my personality through my style.

For 12 years I sought after impartation. Seeking men that could help me adjust to the changes that were happening in my body and mind. I decided to leave Detroit at 25 in search of a community of men that would be largely responsible for my refinement.

I owe a large part of my stylistic expression to several of the men, both students and faculty of my alma mater Morehouse College, the premier Historically Black College exclusively for men in the world. I remember Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, former president of the college, would constantly reiterate his definition of the "renaissance man", forever changing perspective of the purpose of the black man in this millennial age. He defined what he called a "Renaissance Man"  as a man who exemplified the 5 Wells. This man must be well read, well spoken, well balanced, well traveled and well dressed."

From that moment until today, nearly 8 years later I have purposed to be an example of This Renaissance Man in word, deed and fashion! 

5 Favorite Grooming Products 

Gillette Fusion ProShield 

When shaving, GFP's five blades gives me more control over how close I get my shave, giving me that clean look that is so very important when considering presentation. 

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille Soap, Hemp Peppermint

When showering or shaving, I prefer Dr. Bronner's soaps (peppermint is my favorite). It is made with all organic oils and is the first soap that  gave me that squeaky clean feeling I love so much. Cleanliness is the foundation of stylistic elevation. 

Organic Coconut Oil

It is well known the many uses for coconut oil. I love using coconut oils for my face, beard and head. 

Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter just has a way of making the skin look alive and healthy. 

A Nice Fragrance 

Every gentlemen loved to smell good. I have a wide range of colognes that I like but typically YSL, Creed, Bond No. 9, seemed to be my go-tos. 

To connect with Vincent Berry II and learn about his upcoming musical projects, follow him on Instagram @Vincentberry2