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The Fresh & Bold Scents of Perry Ellis 360

The Fresh & Bold Scents of Perry Ellis 360

Perry Ellis was an American fashion designer and a self-identity man, naming the brand after himself in 1978.

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As a company, Perry Ellis has released a series of perfumes, thus it has something for every person. With so many luxurious fragrances to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which is best.

However, we will look at a few of the best Perry Ellis 360 inexpensive products that are worth your attention.

Perry Ellis 360 Products

Perry Ellis 360 indeed has some fantastic scents stored up on the shelves for designer perfumes. The best Perry Ellis 360 products offer a fresh option on men’s fragrance, which merges freshness and boldness. With these options, all you need is a few spurts, and you are good to go.

Perry Ellis 360

1. 360 For Men EDT

Introduced to the market in the early 1990s, Perry Ellis 360 for Men Gift Set is a top-selling product that comes with a fresh, woody, sexy, and masculine fragrance. Its woodsy feel will remind you of the forest, even on a hot day.

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If you are looking for a perfume that is not too bold but still has a masculine smell, the Perry Ellis 360 EDT might be a good choice. Its exotic mixture of tangerine, bergamot, berries, lavender, white flowers, and jasmine make it a sophisticated perfume.

One of the things that make it stand out is it dries down with cedarwood, Patchouli, and Musk notes, which balances its woody scent.

Although it is a spray perfume, the 360 for men will not leave any stain on your clothes.

Perry Ellis 360 blue

2. 360 Very Blue for Men

Perry Ellis Very Blue for Men opens up with a mixture of citrus and woody blends that offer men a colorful and carefree fragrance worth wearing daily.  

Cypress and lemon are probably the 2 distinct notes you will notice at first, although it is a well-amalgamated fragrance. As such, slight whiffs of other notes such as lavender and tarragon are easy to detect.

Perry Ellis did a good job putting this scent together as it has a whole lifecycle of itself, in which it moves a bright citrus phase to a floral scent and then on to a smooth woody undertone.

The Perry Ellis Very Blue for Men has excellent performance and can be an ideal perfume for all occasions.

Perry Ellis 360 red

3. 360 Red for Men 

At first glance, the Perry Ellis 360 Red for Men will prompt you of a red wine bottle as it has a unique red crystal lid on top and a red glass bottle. The scent itself is bright and evolves at various stages.

At first, it gives a fragrance of fresh garden lime fruit, lavender, and citrus. You will slowly notice the scent changing into cedar, oakmoss, and Italian bergamot as time goes by.

The combination of the 2 stages creates a floral and woody sensation that is easy to wear any time of the day. The Perry Ellis 360 Red for Men dries down quickly and is known to have longer longevity on the skin.

Perry Ellis 360 black

4. 360 Black for Men

According to our analysis, the Perry Ellis 360 Black for Men might be one of the best Perry Ellis colognes, according to the top note and base note. Both notes induce a seductive and bold fragrance.

Its top notes include cardamon, ginger lily, and sambuca, while its base notes include liquid amber, suede accord, and tobacco.

The mid-note, which comprises nutmeg, black basil, and tamarind, gives the cologne a mysterious character.

Even from its branding, there is a certain sensation of mystery attached to the 360 Black for Men. This Perry Ellis edition is luxurious, rich, and extremely masculine, a truly rare and distinctive perfume.

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About Perry Ellis

During the 1970s and 1980s, Perry Ellis was a renowned fashion designer in the USA before his unfortunate demise in 1986.

Born and raised in Virginia, Perry originally joined the fashion and design world through the retail side. Having attained a master’s degree in retailing from the University of New York, he was eager to start his own retail business in his hometown.

It is a job opportunity at a sportswear company that saw him return to New York to work as a womenswear designer.

Perry Ellis

Although Perry could not sketch, his textile and fashion world experience enabled him to develop some of the best sportswear for women in the 1970s.

Through this chance, Perry introduced and registered his brand, the Perry Ellis line, in 1978. Over time, the company expanded its operations to incorporate menswear, shoes, accessories, and perfumes.

This was when Perry launched his first perfumes, the Perry Ellis for Men and the Perry Ellis for Women, in 1985. Unfortunately, he died the following year.

In the years that followed Perry’s demise, many famous designers and personalities such as Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, and Tom Ford worked with the company to keep it afloat.

During these times, many perfume editions were launched, including the famous Perry Ellis 360 collection.

The company continues with its operations to date, launching some of the most luxurious but inexpensive fragrances on the market today.

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Today, the company has successfully launched over 50 Perry Ellis men’s colognes in their perfume catalogue. The earliest product was launched in the mid-1980s, and the newest is from 2020.

Who Makes These Fragrances?

In Perry Ellis’ existence of more than 35 years, the company has worked with multiple globally renowned perfumers. Big names such as Loc Dong, Sophia Grojsman, Firmenich, Jean-Louis, Claude Dir, and Jean Claude Delville are some of the personalities contributing to the company’s success.

At present, Perry Ellis has more than 350 perfumes for both men and women, which have been made with these personalities’ collaboration. As pleasant as a breeze in a summer orchard, Perry Ellis perfumes are a bouquet of sweet-smelling scents that captivate the senses.

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