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MeUndies Review: Are They Really Softer-Than-Soft?

MeUndies Review: Are They Really Softer-Than-Soft?

If you have been on social media, you might have seen a MeUndies ad on your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed.

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The company is famous for its social media marketing campaigns targeting millennials and younger demographics. Their ads are fun and their products are a bit gimmicky (matching couples underwear, for one), but that’s part of the appeal.

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But are MeUndies worth the price? In this MeUndies review, we’ll look at the brand, its products, and whether they’re worth splurging on.

What is MeUndies?

MeUndies is an LA-based company founded in 2011 that promotes their “softer-than-soft” undies. It is an underwear and loungewear brand that designs products for both men and women while focusing on comfort and softness.

The company has a wide variety of products, including men’s and women’s underwear, boxer brief, and lounge pants.

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MeUndies sets itself apart from the rest with the use of MicroModal material to make underwear. This is one of the softest fabrics for textiles. This fiber from Austrian beech trees creates a silky-smooth fabric that is comfortable and fights body odor. The result is cozy yet breathable undies that don’t stick to (or climb up) your rear via static cling.

Despite the fancy fiber, MeUndies products come in different styles and patterns. They have plenty of quirky designs (get a pair of undies to match your Harry Potter house) and also some neutrals. You’ll also find MeUndies Star Wars prints and even a pizza-themed undies collection. No boring plain-white underthings here.

meundies review boxer pizza

This MeUndies review is happy to report that they have a variety of purchasing options, such as singles, packs, and matching pairs. Group orders are becoming increasingly popular for wedding parties and other special events, and the idea doesn’t seem so awkward with MeUndies’ fun designs.

Consumers have positive MeUndies reviews for a range of reasons, and it’s true, the odor-fighting fibers and comfortable fit are perks. But it’s also cool that you can shop for a range of sizes and styles (plus character designs) and then match your style to your partner’s (or your BFF’s). No shopping at different stores to color coordinate, just grabbing the styles you want and having them shipped to your door.

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The company stocks its products online, and you can shop anytime or sign up for a subscription. Whether you want to grab a single pair to try or are itching to replace your whole underwear drawer with comfortable and dare we say stylish undergarments, MeUndies has you covered.

And if you’re taking the matching route with your partner, the brand has a handy quiz feature that’ll get you through the process. It’s called MatchMe, and MeUndies will walk you through picking styles and sizing for you and your special someone.

Meundies matchme

How Does the MeUndies Subscription Work?

Do you really need an underwear subscription? MeUndies thinks you might. With the membership option, you can build out your undie drawer with exclusive prints, early offers, and special discounts.

And if your drawers start overflowing, you can cancel the subscription or skip a month at your leisure. Or, you can continue monthly deliveries as long as you like.

When you subscribe to this membership subscription, you can choose the underwear style and save up to 30 percent on each order cheaper than regular pricing. The membership allows you to lock in a design for your monthly order, but being able to change it up is a handy perk of membership.

In this MeUndies review, we’d like to point out the benefits of a membership subscription for their customers, including:

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  • Membership pricing: The MeUndies membership offers access to special pricing for every product with discounts and promotions. The company offers discounts of up to a quarter the price for subscribed members.
  • Exclusive prints: Membership means exclusive prints, allowing clients access to limited monthly designs. These are customized benefits where members can choose between the classic, bond, and adventurous lines of products.
  • No strings attached: Another benefit of these subscription services is that members can cancel at any time without charges. The flexible nature of this membership means anyone can swap styles or skip a month.

Popular MeUndies Products

If the prints aren’t enough to suck you in, MeUndies has a range of products beyond tighty whities (and they look a lot more comfortable, too).

Meundies review boxer bold

MeUndies Boxer Brief

MeUndies offer a variety of underwear options, including the boxer brief and trunk. Other MeUndies reviews reveal that the boxer brief is quickly becoming popular on the market due to its slug but relaxed fit. The product is made from high-quality materials that provide the comfort and coverage needed for a long day. Its fabric is amazingly soft for anyone looking for the best boxer brief.

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Apart from the high-quality fabric, the construction of these boxer briefs is top-notch to ensure they are quality and durable. The snugness of the product ensures it fits perfectly while offering much-needed comfort. The company offers boxer packs, including 3-pack, 6-pack, and 10-pack at varying price points.

meundies lounge pant

MeUndies Lounge Pants

MeUndies lounge pants are another product from MeUndies designed for people who spend most of their weekends indoors. These pants are made with a super silk feel and tailored to conform to the shape of your lower body for a snug and relaxed fit.

The cozy pants feature bold and colorful patterns created to demand attention. Most lounge pants have bright designs, with only a few coming as plain or one-color options. Others are made in black and grey colors.

Each of the MeUndies lounge pants come with a comfortable stretch waistband. The company designs the waistband by tightly weaving the fibers to create elastic underwear that will stay smooth on the skin.

The lounge pants are made with a more flexible and stretch-responsive fabric than the underwear, making them excellent for anyone who wants some breathability and extra room.


MeUndies Underwear

The MeUndies full-coverage underwear is another essential product from the company. It is designed with a super soft elastic waistband that keeps them tight on the body. Like other products, the underwear is made from MicroModal fabric that is 3x softer than cotton. 

In this MeUndies review, we’re happy to report their men’s underwear is soft and free, yet supportive and firm. The pouch on these undies allows for carefree comfort, featuring an elastic waistband that ensures it stays flat and smooth against the skin. Thus the waistband is snug but not tight. At the same time, each pair of MeUndies underwear uses soft seams that minimize slippage without sacrificing style.

Men's Long Boxer Brief W: Fly

The design and construction of MeUndies underwear are top-notch. Their durable stitching keeps the undies fit while eliminating any bunching problems. Every seam is flat-locked to ensure there are no ridges or bumpy seams when you wear them. This type of stitching is designed for motion and comfort, so it is mostly used for high-end sportswear.


MeUndies Review: The Bottom Line

If you are looking for high-quality underwear and loungewear that’s anything but boring, MeUndies products might be what you need. We’re big fans of the range of prints, and there’s nothing quite like matching your underwear to your partner’s (talk about romance!). Their products also have near-perfect ratings on the site, with many customers praising the softness and great fit of the underwear in their MeUndies reviews. 

If we have to pinpoint a negative, it’s that you’ll likely pay more for MeUndies than you would stocking your wardrobe with other brands. But in exchange for fun prints, comfortable fabrics, anti-odor tech, and the ability to match your partner, friend, or anyone else, we’d have to say MeUndies is worth it.

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