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How to Trim a Long Beard Like a Pro: Look Sharp & Sleek

Growing facial hair opens up a world of styling possibilities, but learning how to trim a long beard requires some effort. 

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Beards are an enduringly popular cornerstone of male fashion. Maintaining a consistent trimming routine helps achieve a confident and attractive appearance.

The substantial long beard is a sought-after status symbol in many cultures. Well-groomed facial hair can accentuate your best features and enhance your appearance. However, not all styles suit everyone. 

Man with long beard

Keep reading to discover tips on long beard trimming for beginners, including the best styles for your face shape to achieve a classic look.

The Allure of Long Beards

Facial hair can make men look older, appealing to women's preference for more senior partners. Research findings point to bearded men possessing social maturity, sincerity, masculinity, self-confidence, and courage. 

Despite this, female preferences for beards show mixed results. According to some surveys, men with beards appeal more to women, while other studies suggest the opposite. 

Maintaining facial aesthetics relies on understanding proper trimming techniques. The best long beard trimmer and techniques vary depending on facial hair length and style. Regular grooming and shaping help achieve a well-kept appearance. 

Man styling his long beard

Remember, facial hair plays a role in perceived attractiveness but is subjective. Facial hair may grow fast but needs proper care to grow and stay healthy and attractive. 

Embark on the journey of proper grooming and reap its benefits, such as using fewer razor blades and shaving cream and avoiding accidental skin nicks. 

The Best Long Beard Style for Your Face Shape

For round faces, go for a long beard to accentuate your jawline. If you have a longer face shape, consider taking inspiration from rock musicians and their iconic beards. 

Alternatively, you can experiment with the following styles:

  1. Oval Face: Square Long Beard. Oval-faced guys, embrace the Viking Beard. It's wild and eye-catching, adventurous yet fashionable.
  2. Round Face: Triangular Long Beard. Have a short, round face? Try the Ducktail Beard – it’ll fill out your jawline perfectly.
  3. Square Face: Round Long Beard. Get bold with the Hipster Beard, adding rounded symmetry to your chiseled jawline.
  4. Diamond Face: Rectangular Long Beard. The Long Goatee is the perfect choice for those with diamond-shaped faces who want a well-defined appearance.

Growing a long beard takes time, so be patient for about a month to begin seeing results. For some, it may take up to a year or more to achieve a six-inch length.

Should You Consider One?

Styles like the Long Goatee and Viking Beard are trendy due to Hollywood stars like Jason Momoa and Matthew McConaughey sporting them.

Many people see long beards as classic symbols of masculinity. Others hope that growing out their facial hair will help them appear more attractive to potential romantic partners.

Stylish Bearded Man

Ultimately, all grooming choices like well-kept long facial hair, stubble, or clean cheeks can attract attention. Indeed, women report no clear preferences for male facial hair

It really comes down to your personal preference. If you like the way long beards look, go ahead and grow one – just make sure to put as much care and effort into maintaining it as you do the rest of your appearance. 

How Do You Trim a Long Beard to Look Good?

Should you trim a long beard? Yes, you definitely should. If you let it run wild, it will soon look messy and unprofessional.

That said, having the right equipment is a must before you get started. Not every electric trimming set is suitable for use as a long beard trimmer. Do plenty of research and check out reviews from fellow long-bearded guys before buying one.

Here are a few of my favorite trending styles.

Long Beard Styles

  • Bush and Coif 
  • The Warrior
  • The Razor’s Edge 
  • Long With Handlebars
  • Garibaldi 
  • Two-tone Long 

Some of these styles look best with certain hair types and colors. I’ll run through a few specific examples below.

Best Beard Trim for Non-African American Hair 

Faded styles are hot right now. Keep your sideburns and cheek hair short, blending into a 3-6" chin beard. Pair it with a part or hard part haircut for a fantastic look.

Faded hairstyle with long beard

The lumberjack style is perfect for guys who love the outdoors – even if they live in the city. Think flannel shirts, comfortable jeans, big boots, and a burly long beard with a full mustache to pull off this trendy look.

For the warrior vibe, pair long facial hair with a bold attitude and a battle-ready hairstyle like braids, an undercut, or a mohawk – or a combination of the three.

Best Beard Trim for Black and African American Hair 

Get ready to discover three captivating looks complementing Black and African American hair:

  1. Curly Hair with Black Facial Hair: Embrace your curls and pair them with a long beard to highlight your magnetic smile. Define your forehead with a neat shave and add a low temple fade for extra flair.
  2. The Razor's Edge: Strike the perfect balance between long flowing facial hair and sharp cheek lines for a rugged yet refined appearance. Achieve those razor-sharp edges with a hand-held or "cut-throat" razor.
  3. The Two-tones: Exude sophistication with facial hair featuring the same color at the roots, transitioning to a stylish gray towards the middle and ends. Embrace the gray hairs or bleach the middle and ends for a sleek gray effect.

Best Beard Trim for Ginger Hair 

Do you wonder how to trim a long red-orange beard without losing its fiery charm? These styles will help keep your ginger goodness in check.

  1. Low Fade and High Top with Long Beard: Pair a low fade with long, perfectly groomed ginger facial hair. Comb your hair slightly to one side, using hair wax for a slick look.
  2. Coiffed Pompadour With Coppery Facial Hair: If your ginger facial hair has a coppery tone, enhance it with a coiffed Pompadour hairstyle. Embrace your unique coloring for a distinctive style.
  3. Embrace the Natural Look: With striking red facial hair, you can opt for a natural, casual look without sacrificing style. Let your ginger facial hair take the spotlight, giving you a low-maintenance vibe.
  4. The Garibaldi: Named after Italian General Giuseppe Garibaldi, this style features a round or square bottom, perfect for enhancing a narrow chin. Pair it with a long brushed-back top for an unkempt yet sophisticated style.

How to Trim a Long Beard

How do you trim a long beard to look good?

Finding your style can be challenging, but trimming long facial hair is a breeze with the right tools and know-how.

How to trim a long beard

Here are my best tips on beard trimming for beginners.

  1. Begin by washing, drying, and moisturizing the skin beneath your facial hair. 
  2. Detangle with a wide toothpick-style comb. 
  3. Use adjustable clippers to trim the bulk of the beard and cheeks. 
  4. Angle the clipper downwards to cut the sides. 
  5. Next, snip away stray hairs with small scissors before tending to the chin. 
  6. Finally, trim the underside for a polished look.

How to Style a Long Beard

Want the epic long beard styles covered in this article? First, make your barber your BFF – they’ll be able to give you pro tips on maintaining your new look.

Keep it clean with a gentle cleanser along with daily brushing and combing. Hydrate with conditioning oil and show your skin love at night. For quick fixes, use an organic full beard detangler.

SheaMoisture Beard Conditioning Oil

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One of my favorite maintenance and styling lines is SheaMoisture for men. They carry tons of easy-to-use products for stellar facial hair.

Final Thoughts

If you think growing out your facial hair will save you the trouble of maintenance, think again. Long beards require just as much upkeep and attention as any other type of facial hair. 

The effort is well worth it, though – especially if you choose a trendy style that compliments your face shape.

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How to Trim a Long Beard Like a Pro

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