His and Her Wedding Grooming Prep

With summer approaching, many couples are working on wedding planning and getting serious about looking their best for their big day. With their own wedding quickly approaching, I spoke with Sabrina Bryan, best known for Dancing with the Stars and starring in The Cheetah Girls movies, about what she and her fiance Jordan Lundberg are doing to prep for their wedding.

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First off, congratulations! What are you doing to look your best in the run up to your wedding? 

Jordan and I spend a lot of time together doing things that are healthy from us. From working out together to cooking healthy meals we feel that good health is definitely a priority for us. Healthy skin is also really important, so we make time on making our skin as healthy as possible. 

Do you follow a specific skincare regime?

One of the ways we focus on our skincare is by wearing a Dead Sea Mud Mask by InstaNatural once a week.  This is our typical Saturday Morning! We multitask as we sit in bed with our laptops getting some extra work in or also focusing on our wedding planning. The masks start our weekend off fresh and rejuvenated!! 

We both go to Piace by Dorina for Hydra Facials about once every three months.   Dorina combines a Hydra facial with Live Stem Cells and they are AMAZING for both of our skin types! It's nice that I get to share one of my favorite things to do with my favorite man in the world, and that he actually enjoys going with me. It's an incredible bonding time for us.

We also enjoy being in the sun a lot, playing golf, hiking, barbecues with friends, etc.    We tend to get farmers tans from golfing often — and it is not a good look. We like the protection and feel of Banana Boat SPF 50. It is super easy to spray all over for the ultimate coverage. On our faces we use Pevonia sunscreen

His Skincare Favorites:

Jordan uses a lot of different brands to get the perfect mix for his skin. 

Her Skincare Favorites:

Through trial and error, Sabrina has found the right skin care regime that works best for her.

How about your haircare favorites?

We both use the same KPAK Shampoo and Conditioner by JOICO. It keeps our hair clean and shiny. It makes it easier to use the same brands.  

I never buy hairspray and it drives Jordan crazy since I am always stealing his Tresemmé Hair Spray. It works well and is reasonably priced. Whenever he goes to use it, the can is always empty — whoopsie!   

Our other favorite styling products are It's a 10 Spray Conditioner and Paul Mitchell  Super Skinny Serum. Technically these are my products, but I guess he figures if I can steal his hairspray, my products are fair game when he needs them.  

Your hands are in the spotlight on the wedding day — what's your favorite hand cream to keep them looking smooth?

We recently started using Dermalogica's Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment!   It's definitely a Bridal product  more than a Groom thing as of right now, but I'm sure he'll come around!   Otherwise, I will sneak it on his hands while he is sleeping — shh!!  

Fragrance is so evocative. Are you going for fragrances that harmonize together or your own personal favorites?

Jordan likes to wear Chanel's Bleu de Chanel,  which I think is super sexy.  He likes when I wear Viktor & Rolf's Flower Bomb, it is my favorite.  

In honor of our wedding we are starting a new fragrance tradition. We are each selecting a new scent to wear on our Big Day.  Following the wedding, we plan on wearing it again for special occasion, allowing us to reminiscence about our wedding day. At the moment it looks like he is going to wear Gucci by Gucci and I will wear Chanel No 5.

What do you do for stress-relief and pre-wedding jitters?

Our weekends are usually the only time we get a chance to really dive into our wedding planning process, but we also spend "together time" starting with our Saturday morning mud masks routine.  After we apply them, we giggle at how we look and it kicks off the weekend with us in a great mood.  

Next, we go to the gym to burn off some of our stress and focus on decompressing from the busy week. Since we both enjoy the sun we spend time at the pool listening to great music, and we try to golf as much as possible. Golfing is an amazing way to blow off steam and relax in the outdoors.

We also usually have a sushi dinner date which is the perfect end to the weekend! The weekend are definitely the time for focus on us, and get us prepped for another busy week.

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