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Beyond Binary: The Genderless Grooming Trend

Beyond Binary: The Genderless Grooming Trend

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The most outstanding men’s grooming trend in 2018 is the rise of “genderless” fragrances and skincare products.

Up to now, men’s and women’s scents and creams have been kept as far apart from one another as a rabbi keeps milk and meat. But in this new world of inclusiveness and gender fluidity we are seeing lots of brands behind this unisex trend, from Tiziana Terenzi to Agonist, Apolis and beyond. 

Lunanera Extrait De Parfum Spray by Tiziana Terenzi

Lunanera Extrait De Parfum Spray

The Genderless Grooming Trend

Related to this, major cosmetic companies are looking to install beauty counters for men in department stores and bolster their online sales to the world’s “metrosexuals.”  Vismay Sharma, the UK boss of L’Oreal has said that male-targeted counters in department stores will probably be a reality soon.

Not surprisingly, we are also seeing the rise of “Genderless” models, most famously Satsuki Nakayama, and the growth of “jendaresu-kei†(“genderless styleâ€) in Tokyo’s youth fashion culture. These days, trends can come from anywhere… can the USA be far behind?

The Genderless Grooming Trend

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