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Your Guide to Finding & Using a Nose Trimmer

You might not be dealing with this issue in your twenties, but by your thirties or forties, the coarse strands sprouting from your nostrils require a nose trimmer.

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A grooming essential for all men that's now mostly electric, a nose trimmer cleans up your appearance where your shaving razor can't go.

What is a Nose Trimmer?

As a baseline, nose trimmers help manage unsightly, increasingly visible hair coming out of your nasal passage and also assist with taming any hairs emerging from your ear canal.

Operation is relatively straightforward. All you really need to do is guide the trimmer inside the nostril and move it so the blades approach the skin. With your ear, the trimmer stays within the ear canal to catch any errant hairs. 

Today, a nose hair trimmer features a slim metal or plastic design, which often houses a battery. At one end, a rotating head meant to cut the hair has a plastic guard around it covering the blades. A motor allows the blades to turn, and this motion helps cut down the hairs, rather than uncomfortably pull on them. 

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Just as with a trimmer for your beard, a nose hair trimmer is easy to maintain: All you need to do is rinse it under warm water after use to get rid of debris before it accumulates. Aside from this feature, nose trimmers these days either use a rechargeable battery, and thus have to be plugged in to charge up before use, or have a battery that needs to be changed out periodically. 

As some men find with their beard trimmers, lubrication may be required after some time for the moving parts to optimally operate. 

Types of Nose Trimmers

Nose trimmers come in two basic types: electric and manual.

Electric Nose Trimmers

Electric nose trimmers dominate the market due to their convenience and ease of use. As already mentioned, these use a battery to power the blades. All the user has to do to is move the trimmer where the hair is, and the blades do their job. Overall, electric nose trimmers are a more efficient, time-saving solution that requires little-to-no energy on your part. 

Manual Nose Trimmers

Manual nose trimmers, an older option, are still around. Due to the energy involved the user typically has to use two hands to move the rotating blade they've fallen out of favor.

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How to Use a Nose Trimmer

Although many men simply trim their nose hairs by looking in the bathroom mirror, you should consider a magnifying mirror and a clear light source to do a more thorough job. To trim your nose hairs:

  1. Start by removing any dust and mucus from your nasal passages. Generally, you will want to blow your nose first before washing the area with lukewarm water. Without doing this step, you risk these substances clogging your trimmer. 
  2. Then, dry out your nasal passages with a towel. 
  3. To target the nose hairs, turn your trimmer on, and bring it close to your nostril. Start from the outside and progess inward. Expect to feel a tickling sensation during this step.
  4. Do this step for both nostrils, until your nasal passage appears to be hair free. 

If you're using a manual trimmer, the process won't be drastically different. However, you'll need to use both hands to power and maneuver the trimmer, and a back-and-forth motion is recommended for getting as much hair as you can. 

The Best Nose Hair Trimmers

If you're looking for your first nose trimmer or to upgrade your existing one, consider these options:


Philips Norelco 5100 Nose Hair Trimmer

The Philips Norelco 5100 is known for an all-in-one solution that not only cleans up your nose but can also be used to groom eyebrow and ear hairs and touch up your sideburns, beard, and neck hair.


Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3000

This Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3000 offers an ergonomic solution for your nose and ears, and includes an eyebrow attachment for additional grooming options. Like the 5100, this nose trimmer helps protect the skin, by reducing nicks and irritation, and offers a fully water-resistant design for ease of cleaning. 


Wahl Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer

This Wahl nose trimmer comes equipped with multiple interchangeable head attachments, making it an ideal three-in-one solution. Depending upon location and hair length, you can select from a reciprocating, detail trimming, or rotary head, while its steel cutting blades are easily washed under water to remove all debris. 

Through this combination, you not only get a quality, wet-to-dry solution for your nose hairs, but can also get a close trim for your sideburns, eyebrows, ears, and neck. A small design fits into your dop kit for a convenient travel solution. 


Wahl Micro GroomsMan Personal Pen Trimmer

For an even more compact size, the Wahl Micro GroomsMan was specifically built for travel, featuring a single attachment that's designed for both nose and ear hairs and delivers the performance for your beard and sideburns. Wahl provides this multipurpose power through detachable detailer and rotary heads, consisting of quality blades inside aluminum casing. 


Remington NANO Series Nose and Ear Trimmer

Remington nose trimmers tend to be on the affordable end. However, price doesn't compromise quality, and what you get with the NANO series is a trimmer with multiple combs that delivers a practical, reliably performing, and showerproof solution for managing stray hairs. 

Beyond Remington's usual nose trimmers, the NANO series goes above and beyond with antimicrobial silver casing and the Active Blade Clean System. Together, these aspects result in a more hygienic trimming solution that controls bacteria and prevents hair and debris from building up in the system and later irritating your skin. 

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Best Nose Hair Trimmers

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