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Fernweh Editions Review: Scented Candles That Will Take You on a Journey

It’s safe to say that everyone loves a good candle. But with so many on the market it can be hard to choose the right one for you. That’s why I was super excited to check out the new collections from Fernweh - a travel-inspired, hand-poured candle brand that has a variety of fun scents inspired by some of my favorite destinations around the world.

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Before we get to smelling - the basics.

How they’re made

Fernweh candles are hand-poured in the USA and made of a sustainable soy wax blend with no synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or toxic chemicals. The self-trimming wicks paired with this all-natural wax blend make for a cleaner, healthier (less soot!), and longer burn. 

How they’re packaged

The classic glass (11 oz size) candles come in a practical yet protective box so your product is sure to arrive safe and sound. Additionally, the simple black glass jar with white label makes the candle a natural part of your home decor, or the perfect gift for really anyone on your list. The jar is super sturdy making it perfect to repurpose for other household uses once the candle is finished. 

Ok - let’s talk scents!

With five scent collections you’re sure to find something you like! Today we will discuss two of the five editions: the Cascadia and Mediterranean Garden.

Fernweh Editions Review

Cascadia Edition

If you like nature-based scents, but don’t want your house smelling like a flower shop, check out this line. The scents are inspired by the dense and diverse forests of the Pacific Northwest and have a nice range that accommodate a variety of seasons and uses.

Blackberry & Bay - Travel back to the Springs and Summers of your youth with this light and fruity scent. Perfect for both warm days and long nights - this scent is ideal to freshen a room and get you in the mood for fun.

Ferns & Petals - Don’t let the name throw you: this candle’s scent is less earthy than you might expect. The sweet aroma has hints of fruit and flowers and would make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Pine & Fir Balsam - The name says it all. This classically scented candle will put you in the Christmas spirit or get you ready for chilly days around the fire. A perfect way to bring the majesty of the outdoors into your home.

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Fernweh Editions Review

Mediterranean Garden

Missing the days of wandering through Provence or sailing on the salty blue waters of the Mediterranean? Open your windows, pop some rosé and travel to your happy place with the scents of the Mediterranean Garden collection. 

Lavender Fields - Let’s be honest, Lavender can be a super tricky scent, but I was so excited that Fernweh’s approach was balanced and not overpowering. With its mild floral nature, this candle is great for afternoons or winding down before bed.

Summer Fig - What’s more delicious than a fresh, plump fig on a warm day. This candle is exactly what you hoped with a light, fresh, and clean fruity aroma that will bring you summer fun no matter where you are or the time of year.

Rosemary & Bergamot - With two contrasting yet complementary scents, this candle is the earthiest of the collection and is pleasantly natural. Put it in the kitchen or common areas of the home to bring the joys of the garden indoors.

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Fernweh Editions Review

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