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Best Summer T-Shirts For Guys By Guys: Everyday Essential

You can’t get more basic than a t-shirt for men in summer.

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It’s a staple and it’s absolutely essential. But with so many options to choose from how would you know if your next t-shirt purchase will be one that you won’t regret. We asked men to recommend a few so your next buy will be an investment for those hot sticky days.

Dressing It Up Or Down?

There’s nothing more essential than a white crew-neck t-shirt, especially in the summer. It pairs well with just about any bottom (e.g. shorts, jeans, joggers, chinos, swim trunks) as well as all colors and prints. It also works as a great layering piece and does a better job concealing sweat than bright colors or greys.

Our Shortlist For Best Summer T-Shirts For Men

Vince tshirt

For casual t-shirts, Vince has great crew neck options in cotton and linen but they’re on the pricey side.


If you’re looking for something a bit more wallet-friendly opt for Banana Republic’s Luxury-Touch Crew-Neck T-Shirt.


For a more formal look, opt for a thicker t-shirt that doesn’t wrinkle easily like Banana Republic’s Authentic SUPIMA Cotton Crew-Neck T-Shirt. A lot of my male clients complain about most t-shirts being too thin (showing their nipples) and are always very pleased with the weight of this tee. It’s also a great t-shirt to layer under a blazer, denim jacket or cardigan for more of a formal/elevated look.

Lana Blanc | Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper | The Blanc House by Lana


Any t-shirt from The Black Dog fits perfectly and wears extremely well. And the great thing about their shirts is that they have a wide variety of weights so you can wear them throughout the year and a variety of styles that run the gamut from casual to a bit more for evenings out.

Jim Amos | COO | Scout 22

The best summer t-shirts I recommend to my male clients are 100% cotton or with a rayon blend to prevent wrinkling. Cotton t-shirts are the best because the fabric breathes the best.

I prefer James Perse for their quality, fit, and style. They are a medium weight so are not transparent.  What’s also nice about this brand is that it can be dressed up or down. It has a luxurious look and feel to it.

I would dress it with a pair of cargo shorts or dress it up with linen slacks or shorts.

Soneca Guadara | Celebrity Stylist | IG @styledbysoneca

best summer tees

white Ralph Lauren t-shirt

A simple white Ralph Lauren t-shirt is the staple of my smart/casual wardrobe.  It can be worn with shorts and deck shoes for a summer classic or with jeans and loafers for a casual look. 

Made from a lightweight cotton jersey it comes with a broken-in look and feel from day one and has a variety of new personalized details to make it unique.

– Ajmal Dar | Personal Stylist & Founder | Moccasin Guru


Super Soft Tees

I can’t survive summer without my bamboo t-shirt. Particularly these ones from Onno that you can find on Amazon. They are comfortable, fresh, soft… perfect for hot, humid weather that usually chafes with other types of cloth.

Anything bamboo will do, actually. It is a textile that is high quality and can be casually worn in place of cotton. If you find pants in bamboo, that would be amazing too!

Joe Flanagan | Founder of 90s Fashion World

Another company is called Glen Boulder out of New Hampshire. I think I have every one of their summer t’s. They’re for casual only but are probably the softest t-shirts I’ve found.

Jim Amos | COO | Scout 22

essential summer tees

The best summer t-shirt is from Fruit of the Loom and has Dual Defense. It’s soft and high quality plus it wicks away moisture and prevents odor. They have excellent quality and durable t-shirts for casual wear.  Their range offers great value for money for classic tees.

I love to team a white t-shirt up with a pair of vintage Levis.  This look is a classic that will never really date.

Ryan Raffel | Paleo Physicality

More Than Just A Simple Tee

My essential summer t-shirt is any one of the dozen Guy Harvey shirts I have! These are incredibly popular in The South, so if you’re outside of the area, you might be rolling your eyes right now. But, that doesn’t change the fact that these shirts are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for summer. They’re also thick (so they’ll last forever) and come with a pocket (so you can store stuff), so these are the best summer t-shirts ever.

– Mike Miller | Editor-in-Chief |

The FreeFly SPF long sleeve lightweight shirt is one I can’t live without in the summer. The shirt is incredibly good quality, soft, lightweight and is perfect for wearing out in the sun to protect your skin while looking great. It’s my favorite summer shirt and is great for protecting your skin.

Stacy Caprio | Deals Scoop

best summer t-shirts

The best summer t-shirt is the Marmot Conveyor Short Sleeve Shirt because it is a wicking shirt. Cotton absorbs perspiration and gets wet while making you uncomfortable. Wicking shirts draw the moisture away from your body without absorbing it.

Marmot makes high-quality clothing that fits well. They’re high-quality material, design, and manufacturing. The material pulls the moisture out to evaporate and keep you cool and dry. The design fits well, doesn’t ride up, is a good length, and lays nicely. The manufacturing process is superior so you won’t worry about hems unraveling or edges rolling up.

Their T-shirts are casual, but they also have a variety of business casual button-up shirts that are made from wicking material.

I love to pair the t-shirt with Marmot Zephyr Shorts – they’re athletic without being gym shorts.

– Rick Musson | Consultant |

Dickies Men's Heavyweight Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee

Another best summer t-shirt to wear in hot weather is Dickies Short sleeve-Crew neck T-Shirt.

For summer Dickies is my first and the best choice for summer work T-shirts. The fabric is 100% cotton, absorbs moisture and keeps the body fresh. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can be worn casually in the office. It is available in multiple colors that you can match with jeans or casual pants. The best thing is it is odor-fighting.

The summer T-Shirts are best to wear at summer parties. Dickies and Arctic Cool have some cool and stylish half-sleeved T-Shirts that are great for BBQ nights, summer camping, and pool parties that you can pair with camouflage printed long-shorts, jeans, and casual pants.

Other than Dickies, Carhartt Force, Arctic Cool, Duluth Trading Co. have some amazing and cool stuff for summer wear.

– Gintaras Steponkus | Founder, Blogger & Editor | CameraHarmony

summer tees

How To Style Your Summer T-Shirt

Styling a t-shirt may not be an easy feat. You may think that there are limited options when it comes to items that you can pair with a t-shirt. That’s not true, though. There are a lot of items you can pair with it that makes you look stylish.

  • Layers. A good way to style your t-shirt is with layers. It may not be obvious but you can actually partner your shirts with a suit. If that’s too formal, you can go more casual with a jacket. 
  • Footwear. The footwear that would work best with a summer tee is something minimalist – either black or white. Make sure that you’re comfortable with it. 
  • Haircut. Lastly, since it’s summer, a cool and low maintenance haircut is perfect.
  • Comfort. The best summer t-shirt to wear is the one you feel most comfortable in. When thinking about what to pair it with, make sure that you don’t sacrifice your comfort for style. There are many ways to be stylish and still feel comfortable, especially if it’s summer.

– Sam Whittaker | Relationship and Style Editor | Mantelligence

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Essential Summer Tees

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