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Best Men’s Dior Sunglasses Reviewed: All Class and Style

Dior is synonymous with balancing fashion and fragrances with efficiency, and they don’t miss a beat with their selection of sunglasses. 

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If you’re interested in incorporating these shades to your ensemble, read our reviews of our top 10 best Dior sunglasses for guys.

Our Top Picks For Men's Dior Sunglasses

Dior 0224S Black

Best Overall

The Dior 0224S Black/Grey might be a leading candidate if you're interested in aviator-style sunglasses. The difference between these sunglasses and their competitors is the design which is a thick black frame.

This differs from the typical aviator style which is thin and narrow. We find this the best overall because it is incredibly versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion or setting. 

PROS: A fresh, sleek aviator design. Lightweight and elegant.

CONS: The bridge is 1mm, so it might not fit properly

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Dior BLACK TIE 268S BLACK Sunglasses

Best Classy Style Sunglasses

The Dior Black Tie is ideal if you’re looking for classy sunglasses. Good for both formal or casual events, they provide that stylish pizazz with your look.

This can accent a summer outfit or a formal suit. The primary features are its fashionable square temple style, and 100% UV protection. 

PROS: Versatile for any occasion, widened bridge for a snug fit, and a sleek design.

CONS: Some have found it slightly too snug

Value: $$$$

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Dior Men's Blacktie266s 51Mm Sunglasses

Best Summer Sunglasses

The Dior Men’s Blacktie 266s is another version of the previous model, but the significant difference is in price and design.

These are slightly less expensive than the original version but still, provide the same features. The temples are a sleek black, but the rest of the glasses, including the rim, are brown with a slight yellow tint. 

PROS: Comfortable, lightweight, and has a widened bridge for a snug fit.

CONS: Some report a slight slipping issue with the bridge

Value: $$$$

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Dior 201154-0WR9 Sunglasses

Best Men's Dior Sunglasses for Formal Events

The Dior 201154 model is perfect for formal events due to its elegant design. Wear it in a professional setting or intimate outings with confidence.

The primary features of this model are an acetate frame, UV protection, and a grey-blue lens, which is non-polarized. It is moderately priced considering the quality.

PROS: Lightweight, Ideal in Professional or Formal Settings, widened bridge

CONS: Less Versatile when Styling

Value: $$$$

Dior Men's Homme Master 47Mm Sunglasses

Best Value for Sunglasses

Of all the Dior shades we review here, the Dior Men’s Homme Master is one of the most affordable. Its primary features include an acetate frame and a silver material mirror lens, which are non-polarized.

The design is slightly odd as the frames are thicker than the temples (many of us call them “arms”), which may cause an imbalance when wearing them. 

PROS: Mirror Coated (silver material mirror lens)

CONS: Flimsy temples, weight imbalance, no nose grip, not UV protected

Value: $$$$

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Dior Green Aviator Sunglasses

Best Aviator Glasses for Men

The Dior Aviator model is a good variation to the classic aviator pair of shades.

Its significant difference with the 0224S model are the thickness of the frames. The frames’ light grey color are nicely complimented with the black lining of the temples. 

PROS: Lightweight, versatile for any season, slightly widened bridge

CONS: Flimsy temples

Dior Homme 181S JO5HA Sunglasses

Best Modern Sunglasses

The Dior JO5HA will give the right man some eye protection gracing his style with a modern look. It shares the same color as the Blacktie266s model, however with transparent temples and black lining.

It’s notably thicker within the frames and temples in comparison to other models but has a slanted nose grip. Unfortunately, this one is not UV-protected. 

PROS: Thick, stylish frame and fully adjustable

CONS: Uncomfortable nose grip, not UV-protected

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Dior Grey Oval Men's Sunglasses

Best Oval Sunglasses

The Dior Grey Oval model is universally stylish for any ensemble plus provides plenty of comfort in comparison to its competitors.

The design is transparent pink, which transitions into black at the temples. It does come in a purple version, and its primary features are an acetate frame, UV protection, which is non-polarized. 

PROS: Universally stylish, lightweight

CONS: Nose grip can be uncomfortable for some

Dior Homme BLACKTIE 247S 807 Sunglasses

Best Skiing Sunglasses

The Dior Homme Pilot model is perfect if you’re hitting the slopes and need eye protection.

Its design is a sleek black to match its frames, and although it's slightly chunky, it’s not bulky enough to appear unflattering when it’s on. It is also perfect for sports activities rather than casual or formal events. 

PROS: UV Protected, ideal for winter occasions, basic styling

CONS: Nose grip can be uncomfortable for some

Value: $$$$

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Dior Men's Homme Chroma 59Mm Sunglasses

Best Spring Sunglasses

The Dior Men’s Chroma is perfect for springtime activities, and the design breaks away from the typical colors with its multi-color lens and gold lining. It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it weighing you down when on. 

PROS: Multi-Color Lens, Comfortable Nose Grip, UV Protected

CONS: Flimsy temples

Value: $$$$

How to Wear Dior Sunglasses With Style

The big plus on styling your outfit with Dior sunglasses is that they are often universally versatile. What matters is the theme, type of style, and setting that you might be wearing your sunglasses to.

Man wearing stylish Dior Sunglasses

Some Dior shades may compliment your outfit, but remember to keep an eye on color pairing and how efficient your glasses are for the activity or event.

Spotting Fake Dior Sunglasses

Third-party sites selling knock-off versions of Dior products do exist. Also, these sites tend to produce knock-offs for a cheaper value, so if the price of a new pair of Dior glasses seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t an original. 

If you are shopping for these luxury brands on Amazon then have a close look at the description of the product. Fluency and clarity here are the key, as are accurate images.

Men's Christian Dior Sunglasses

Some sellers may have fake reviews also, so it is best to inspect these to assess if they are legit. Definitely double-check to make sure the positive reviews haven’t been made in a short period of time, which could be another giveaway.

If you are purchasing your dark glasses in store - always check the packaging and authenticity card. Be sure to make a comparison of logo spacing, position, and font to a definite original or the official Dior site. You could also look out for the serial number and manufacturer’s sticker.

Lastly, check if there are any noticeable errors in packaging, if so, it could be a fake. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the correct type of sunglasses for the variety of events that you may find yourself invited to could be challenging, but owning a couple of Dior pairs could certainly cover all bases.

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