Basic Men’s Pedicure At Home

How To Do A Basic Men’s Pedicure At Home

We’re always on our feet and, as a result, the undergo a lot of wear and tear. That makes taking care of them all the more important. Taking the extra time to do a complete pedicure routine once every two to three weeks will ensure that your feet stay feeling […]


How to Do a Simple 5 Minute Men’s Manicure

Do men really need manicures?We’re putting the man back in manicure. Whether it’s everyday wear and tear, cold weather, manual work or working out, your hands can really taking a beating.  At the same time, your hands are one of the most visible and expressive parts of your body. Whether […]

Genderless Grooming Trend

Beyond Binary: The Genderless Grooming Trend

The most outstanding men’s grooming trend in 2018 is the rise of “genderless” fragrances and skincare products. Up to now, men’s and women’s scents and creams have been kept as far apart from one another as a rabbi keeps milk and meat. But in this new world of inclusiveness and […]

Best Men’s Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

6 Best Men’s Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, chances are that you know what the struggle is all about. While many people can slap on, glide on, and spray on scented deodorant they want directly on their skin, men with sensitive skin don’t have that luxury. For those of us with sensitive skin, […]


5 Super-Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils for Men

Who said essential oils can’t be manly?  We know you might associate the use of essential oils with feminine self-care, but luckily essential oils for men are becoming more popular and acceptable. Guys can benefit from many of the perks of using essential oils including sleeping better, boosting your immune […]