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TroyBoi on Style, Fitness and Touring

It seems like Baauer’s “Harlem Shake,” which brought attention to EDM’s version of trap music, came out eons ago. EDM’s rapid pace makes once-fresh sounds irrelevant in roughly a year’s time, so producers have to reinvent. While trap, purely within the dance music sphere, has taken a backseat to future bass […]

Photo Credit: Alberto Bravo
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The Rise and Fall and Rise of Fantastic Negrito

Most of us have one story to tell. Xavier Dphrepaulezz has several, any one of which would be more than enough for the rest of us. Whatever he’s been through (crime, near-stardom, near-death), the word that keeps coming back is “survivor”. One of 15 children of a Somali-Caribbean immigrant, Dphrepaulezz […]