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Karl Lagerfeld cologne
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Cologne Review: Karl Lagerfeld for Him

Karl Lagerfeld for Him, launched in 2014, marks the latest fragrance release from fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Karl wanted to create two fragrances that told the story of desire, attraction, magnetism, and rock-and-roll. To fulfill this vision, he launched Karl Lagerfeld for Him and Karl Lagerfeld for Her. Though all […]

Clinique Happy Cologne
Fragrance Reviews, Midprice

Cologne Review: Clinique Happy for Men

​ Clinique is a modern, pleasant and light fragrance that seems designed to truly create happiness for its wearer. The initial fragrances having a strong leaning towards aromatic citrus, and being backed up by hints of wood fragrances, Clinique Happy has a balance of masculine and sweet and stays fresh, clean and light while […]