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8 Best Oud Colognes for Men To Try Now

If there’s one ingredient in perfumery that’s guaranteed to get love-it-or-hate-it reactions, it’s rich and woody oud.  Partly, this is because there are many mediocre oud fragrances on the market, but mostly it’s due to the unique qualities of the ingredient. Depending on how it’s used, oud can have a variety of […]

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4 Women’s Perfumes Men Should Absolutely Try

There’s so much more to female fragrances than candy overload. Just as there’s so much more to male fragrances than aquatic notes. A lot of women already know this fundamental truth. They buy men’s fragrances not only for their fathers, partners and sons. Women buy men’s fragrances for themselves, because […]

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6 Best Unisex and Genderfree Fragrances for Everyone

Whether you call them “unisex”, “shared” or “gender-neutral” fragrances, there’s no mistaking the increasing popularity of perfumes that appeal to both genders. One of the biggest fragrance trends in recent years has been the rise of unisex / shared / gender-neutral scents. Increasingly, consumers no longer want to be confined by […]

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10 Best Colognes Worn by Celebrities

Everyone’s got their signature scent – even celebrities. Whether it’s for a date night out, the red carpet or just a casual weekend, a man’s fragrance choice says a lot without saying a word. Read below to learn more about the perfumes used by celebrities and what some of the biggest […]