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Burberry Touch for Men Review: Is It the Right Fit for You?

Burberry Touch For Men is the perfect scent for the refined man who understands the value of combining rugged masculinity with elegant style.

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Burberry is a well-regarded brand that has become famous for its trademarked Burberry check pattern, which it uses to style its many products, including clothing, footwear, baggage, and of course, cologne and perfume.

Burberry Touch For Men EDT

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Let’s take a closer look at Burberry Touch For Men review as we dive into the history, composition, and who is best suited for this sophisticated scent.

Who Makes It?

In 1856, 21-year-old Thomas Burberry founded the Burberry company to provide customers with the kind of clothing they needed for the unique weather of Britain.

The company continued to grow throughout the late 19th and early 20th century as the brand established a reputation for rugged yet fashionable clothing.

Burberry Outlet

In 1981, Burberry released its first fragrance, Burberry for Men. The company has since released many other Burberry colognes for men, including Burberry Touch For Men in 2000.

Burberry Touch For Men is the brainchild of master perfumer Jean-Pierre Bethouart, a French chemist who began his career in the perfume industry with Givaudan in 1981. Jean-Pierre Bethouart has created over 50 fragrances, including some of the best colognes for men.

Scent Notes

The most important question is, “What does Burberry Touch For Men smell like?”

The cologne is a light scent that differs from many other men’s fragrances by Burberry. It lacks the dominant masculine scent of the brand’s other lines, such as its refined Mr. Burberry EDP, or the outdoorsy Burberry London cologne.

Instead, the notes of Burberry Touch offer strong hints of floral and citrus aromas reminiscent of mandarins, artemisia, and violets. 

The fragrance’s middle notes develop into a masculine combination of spicy white pepper, warm cedar wood, and nutmeg. 

Nutmeg: Burberry Touch For Men Review

When the cologne settles into its base, you will notice subtle notes of vetiver, musk, and tonka beans that leave a lasting impression of masculinity and sophistication.


  • The light, refreshing scent of citrus, wood, and musk makes Burberry Touch For Men a versatile scent that works for any occasion.
  • The scent straddles the line between masculine and feminine, so the scent will appear to everyone when you wear it.
  • The crystal bottle and black cap design combine classic and modern style sensibilities for a nice look worthy of being displayed.


  • Individuals looking for a dominating scent that exudes masculine appeal will not enjoy the light aroma.
  • This cologne can be easily overwhelmed by stronger scents.
  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Very Good
  • Scent Potency/Appropriate For: The Office
  • Price: $$ 

Who Would Like It

Both men and women will appreciate the lightly floral, citrus, and woodsy scent of Burberry Touch. This cologne is seemingly in the midst of both strong masculine aromas (sometimes overwhelming for sensitive noses) and the more feminine scents of violet leaf.

Younger guys will find Burberry Touch For Men to be a good choice on a night out or as an everyday summer scent. It is a forgiving scent that offers sufficient complexity while never becoming overpowering, even when it is over-applied.

night out with friends

At the same time, older men may enjoy wearing this cologne as a nice change from their usual masculine scents. The light notes can be a refreshing variation that still performs well enough for established professionals.

When To Wear It

Burberry Touch is perfect for wearing in the spring and summertime with its refreshing combination of light floral and citrus top notes. At the same time, the warm cedar notes make it an excellent fall and winter cologne for men.

We also think that the spicy white pepper combines with the subtle vetiver and musk base notes to create a scent that seamlessly transitions from day to night. 

Where To Wear It 

The scent is very versatile and is subtle enough for long days at the office or formal events. Because it isn't too overpowering, it creates a warm and youthful impression without coming off as overbearing.

man working in office

It is also perfect for date night, whether you are heading out to the movies, a symphony, or a drink at the local bar.

Packaging and Presentation

With a world-renowned fashion brand like Burberry, you expect to get an impressive presentation with every product you buy. Burberry Touch is no exception, thanks to its combination of modern and classic designs. 

This cologne features the brand’s London sensibilities with a gray plaid box and distinct red accent lines. The lettering on the packaging is a standout white serif-type font that catches the eye and is easy to read.

Burberry devised a sleek, inverted cone shape for the bottle itself that clearly displays the perfume within. The black cap on top mirrors the bottle’s profile, which creates an attractive, stacked appearance. 

Burberry Touch for Men Review: Personal Impressions

Overall, the impression that Burberry Touch For Men gives when you first smell it is the subtle combination of floral and citrusy notes that help add a little zest and energy to get you motivated for the day.

It is a pleasant scent that doesn’t immediately conjure “masculine” imagery but provides a positive appeal that awakens your senses.

The scent is reasonably complex, with a pleasant journey through the light top notes into the warm spice of the body and finishing with smooth, inviting base notes.

Burberry Touch For Men EDT

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There are certainly more complex, evolved colognes out there, but Burberry Touch is a good everyday wear that never becomes overbearing or off-putting. These traits make it an excellent choice for any occasion. 


The longevity of this scent is quite nice, lasting at least four or five hours on even the driest skin types. Considering the price tag, the sillage is also where you would expect it to be.

You do not need to worry about annoying coworkers, friends, or family with this cologne. The scent will linger for a few moments but nothing more.

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Burberry Touch for Men Review

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