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Get a Box Haircut For That Classic Look

One of the most popular haircuts for men is the box cut. Normally, this is an easy haircut that is great for men that want a classic haircut on a budget. Some men opt for more intricate versions of this hairstyle, especially those in high-profile careers like entertainment.

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box haircut

Different variations of this haircut have been around for a long time. Since the 1950s, a version of this male hairstyle has been a professional requirement for a Navy haircut. Black barbers would eventually refer to this style as a “fade”. Let’s discuss what goes into a box haircut and maintenance.

About the Box Haircut

This is a stylish haircut in which the hair begins to take on a box shape. The hair near the forehead is shaved, giving the illusion of a box shape. 

The more extreme form of this style was prevalent with young black males during the mid- 1980s to mid-1990s in the form of a “ high top fade”. Today, you can still see variations of this haircut. You may also see men use different types of texturizers to add more flare to the box cut.

The Best Type of Hair for the Box Haircut

This type of cut works best for thick or very curly hair capable of holding some structure. Due to the tight curl pattern of African-American hair, this style usually holds up very well on black men.

Should You Consider One?

This haircut stands out on men that have a strong jawline and relatively thick or full hair. Some of the most famous wearers of this haircut include Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the rapper Cameo.

Of course, some famous women have also successfully pulled off this look, such as the groundbreaking entertainer Grace Jones and Queen Latifah in her early days.

Versions of a Box Haircut

short box hair cut

Short Box Haircut 

This box cut is mostly a shortened version of the high box cut. It is relatively low maintenance and can work for people with straighter or more limp hair. If you are dealing with limp hair, you may use hair products to get the hair to stand up.

Try the American Crew Defining Paste for medium hold, low shine, and to add extra texture. It can work for all hair types.

box haircut with fade

Box Haircut Fade

To wear this style, your hair will have to reach a certain height/length to achieve a high top appearance. The top part of the hair can grow as high as possible, resulting in a “hi-top fade”, but the sides and back of the head get shaved. A 90-degree haircut angle fades into the skin. 

As mentioned earlier, rappers such as Will Smith made this style popular in the 1990s. Your barber may shave designs on the side. The top usually gets padded down or slightly flattened with a buzzer as needed to form a sharp horizontal line. 

If you don’t always want to keep a super flat top look, pick out the hair with a comb. This will help your fade achieve the maximum height as you desire. 

Keep your fade shiny and packed with nutrients with the right oil sheen. Try Black Magic Oil Sheen to leave your fade shiny and smelling great.

non-afro american box haircut

Box Haircut for Non-African American Hair 

You can achieve this look if the hair length is about 1-3 cm on the top of the head. Your barber may shave the temples and the back of the head down to almost zero or 0.5 cm.

While cutting this style for non-African-American hair, a barber will separate the top part of the hair from the section that needs shaving on the sides and back. The sides and back then get cut. Hair gel can be used to fix/style the top part in various directions.

A Pompadour is a perfect option if you want to maintain long hair towards the top front of your head. The volume of hair gradually recedes as it goes to the back. The sides and back of the hair can range from a fade to a complete shave.

If you opt for the two-block haircut, the hair will be shaved or trimmed on the sides and the back. However, the top of the head remains medium-length - long and can take on many style variations. Many guys with this style wear the top part of the hair flipped to the side to give extra attention to the fade. Several K-pop stars have popularized this type of box haircut.

Achieve the ultimate vertical hold with Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

box haircut with beard

Box Haircut with Beard

This striking look on a man combines a gradual fade-in between a box haircut and a beard. Both the hair and beard fade into one another. It is extra stunning on African-American men since the beard often has the same kinky texture as the hair. 

However, there is no specific requirement for beard length or box cut type. You can have short facial hair with longer hair on the box cut or a short box cut with a long beard.

One of the most popular styles is the Skin Fade + Beard. The beard and hair are completely separated and do not fade into one another. You can start the hair fade as high or low as you like.

In addition to caring for your hair, you should give as much maintenance to the condition of your beard. Try using Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit to condition, wash, and detangle your beard.

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