Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?

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As a matchmaker, I do hear common complaints about men’s grooming. It’s pretty hilarious. It’s mostly around waxing and women don’t find it attractive. Women are usually freaking out about this, and I am going to say that most of the time, waxing on a man is unattractive and really funny.

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Women love a man that has hair on his chest and legs, so guys just need to go with it. They shouldn’t wax their legs or chest unless there is a sports reasons to do so. Sometimes you do need to wax your back if it looks like a bear rug.

The rest are normal kind of complaints that a man should be doing.

3 tips for men to attract or keep a partner:

Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?

1. Have those wiry eyebrows trimmed. 

That doesn’t mean pluck either. Have it done professionally. Your Eyebrow shouldn’t be so long you can braid them. 

Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?

2. You do need to shave. 

Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?

Those millennial guys with 10 inch beards that look like you live in a log cabin in the woods need to go. You just look lazy. Have laser done so that you look like you have the perfect 5 oclock shadow. Women love that! 

3. Make sure your clothes are pressed!

We are sick of seeing guys that don’t dress for the occasion. Dress nicely with a beautiful crisp, white pressed shirt open at the collar with a lovely blazer and nice pair of shoes, and you are gold.

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Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?
Is Bad Grooming Wrecking Your Relationship?

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