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The Art of Shaving Review: In Pursuit of the Perfect Shave

The Art of Shaving devotes itself to the pursuit of a perfect shave. Their goal is to bring the barbershop home with you and transform shaving from a chore into an enjoyable daily indulgence.

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art of shaving

Today we’re reviewing their full-size shaving kit in their signature sandalwood aroma collection. I received four of their essential shaving products to review with this kit, so stick around, and I’ll tell you about what I found. 

The Art of shaving kit

The Art of Shaving Kit

Before we get into the products themselves, the first thing you’ll notice about the Art of Shaving is the premium feel and aesthetic of all their packaging. 

Trust me; if you’re a grown man who may have company over (romantic or otherwise) that may see your grooming products, then this will be important to you. 

Obviously, the most important aspect of a shaving kit is its performance, but the importance of branding also can’t be overstated. 

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The pre-shave oil and post-shave balm came in a high-quality glass bottle, and every product has that weighted, expensive feel to it. The clean, minimalist, and uniform branding is a more mature and upscale presentation than many shaving products on the market. 

The care that Art of Shaving puts into its presentation shows a dedication to their craft, the shaving experience, and how they present themselves. 

The Art of shaving- pre shave oil

Pre-Shave Oil

The pre-shave oil is designed to create a protective barrier between the razor and your face and soften your beard to help reduce razor bumps, cuts, and razor burn. 

I definitely felt that the oil helped soften my beard and prep my skin for a clean shave. It’s infused with essential oils and clinically tested for sensitive skin, so If you’re prone to razor burn or have a coarse beard like me, you’ll appreciate this.  

The consistency of the oil is a bit thicker and almost feels “sticky” initially. But it spreads rather easily, didn’t leave any residue on my hands or face after rinsing with water

You’ll maybe notice just a hint of sandalwood when you apply the oil to your face, and it’s kind of refreshing, but you honestly may not smell it at all because it’s so subtle.   

There are few things worse than a clean shave followed by unsightly red bumps and irritating burn, so anything that promotes a smooth and fresh shave is a winner in my book. 

Art of shaving- shaving cream

Shaving Cream

Honestly, when looking at the shaving cream, my initial thought was, that isn’t going to last very long,” but I was dead wrong. 

One small dab will easily lather and spread to cover your whole beard. I bet the 5oz container will last most guys several months at the very least.  

I loved the consistency of this product as well. It was actually kind of deceiving; the cream goes on relatively thin but feels thick, rich, and creamy on your skin. Once you try authentic lathery shaving cream instead of foam from a can, I don’t think you’ll ever want to go back.  

Like the pre-shave oil, the sandalwood scent on the shaving cream was very light, not overpowering, but refreshing.  

I don’t shave very frequently, so my beard is often longer than a typical 5 o’clock shadow, which means it’s prone to tugging during a shave. Having a quality shaving cream that is up to the task is essential, and I feel confident that the Art of Shaving delivers.  

Art of shaving- Shaving brush

Shaving Brush

Okay, the brush was my favorite part of the entire Art of Shaving experience. 

The brush felt like taking an old-timey barbershop home with me, and if you’ve never had a proper barbershop haircut in your life, you owe it to yourself. 

In short, I felt pampered

There’s something inherently masculine and sophisticated about a shaving brush that I really enjoyed. 

Once again, The Art of Shaving invests in the entire experience of shaving, and their brush is certainly part of that. The handle is sturdy, and the bristles are soft. Nothing about it seems at all cheap or gimmicky. 

While you don’t need a brush to shave, I do think that the lather it creates helps extend the life of the shaving cream and gives you more bang for your buck, along with the vintage experience

Art of Shaving- After Shave Balm

After-Shave Balm

Moisture and repair are a vital part of shaving because even the gentlest shave can be hard on the face’s sensitive skin. The after-shave balm works to soothe freshly shaved skin and works as a daily moisturizer. 

I was pleased to find that the balm wasn’t greasy or oily like many lotions and moisturizers can be. While it wasn’t a completely matte finish like I would like, the cream does have a neutral finish. 

Perhaps the best part for guys like me (grown men who still have to be conscious of acne) is that the after-shave is light and won’t clog your pores.

Final Thoughts 

I think most guys are unaware of how much better shaving can be. 

As we’ve seen a movement away from cheap, disposable shaving products, I can’t help but think that the Art of Shaving has been a bit ahead of its time for the last decade. 

While I doubt most guys will ever truly love shaving — myself included  —  I genuinely enjoyed using The Art of Shaving products. 

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There was a noticeable difference in quality, the scent was great, and if you’re going to shave anyways, you might as well be intentional about it.

Maybe that’s why I spent so much time talking about their branding earlier. Even though the products are clearly high quality, the feeling of taking an intentional, mature approach to shaving was ultimately a rewarding experience. 

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