A Return to Elegance: Backstage at Joseph Abboud Fall Winter 2018 with R+Co

A Return to Elegance: Backstage at Joseph Abboud Fall Winter 2018 with R+Co

A return to elegance, Jospeh Abboud’s show at Hotel Wolcott showcased structured men’s suiting with an Old Hollywood glamour. The hair, designed by R+Co Co-founder Thom Priano, reflected a modern sophistication. Priano elaborates “It’s cleaner, it’s smoother…most of the hair I’m doing today is with my hands, it won’t be with a comb or a brush. I don’t want it to look too severe. For today’s man it’s okay to have a little bit of a messy look.” Priano sums it up as “controlled but not.” 

Much like Abboud’s collection which celebrates the artistry of tailoring, Priano’s hair design was customized and personalized. He tells me “we decided to leave each guy individual and make them their own story. If he had curly hair, we’d keep the curly hair but make it elegant and runway-worthy.” To create a soft defined curl, Priano says “I’m using a lot of FREEWAY Defining Spray Gel it’s a softer gel and helps a lot with curly hair.”

Photo credit: Bill Mullen Inc

Photo credit: VP Visuals

Photo credit: Central Models

To achieve other hairstyles for the show, Priano used a variety of products because everyone’s hair is different. However, to achieve the unifying look of glamorized sophistication, Priano says “I’m using TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray as a texturizing spray just before the guys walk onto the runway so I can stick my hands in the hair and move it around it a bit.”

Priano tells me, "overall Joseph's show is elegant and mature so we keep it in those lines."

Looking forward to the rest of 2018, Priano says “one of the biggest trends this year is a lot of fringe. The hair has gotten longer rather than short faded cuts.”

As a guy with a short faded hairstyle, I even got a mini consultation with Thom! I’ve always had shorter hair and never thought I could grow my hair out. Priano tells me that’s not true.

“You could grow your hair out…it would be a totally different look for you. You can’t have it all one length, it would have to be broken up and it would break up your face. But the style you have has been going since the beginning of men’s fashion. It’s all a matter of if you could adjust to the look.”

Kasey Spickard is a certified, professional makeup artist living & working in New York City. After working in the technology industry at Google and Pinterest for nearly a decade, Kasey decided to leave the corporate world to pursue his passion of makeup artistry. He has experience working with large global beauty brands like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder as well as on-air television and film personalities including Deepica Mutyala, Nitika Chopra, and Julianne Michelle.