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Lucky You for Men Cologne Review

Lucky You for Men Cologne Review

Lucky You for Men cologne is an affordable fragrance with a fresh, clean scent. Its freshness makes it a good cologne for spring or summer and, with a subtle and unobtrusive scent, it’s great for everyday use. What was surprising was its relatively long duration, which is unusual for cologne in this price range. We also thought that although Lucky You men’s cologne is aimed at a younger market, men of all ages could wear it for a subtle, fresh scent at a great price.

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Lucky You for Men Cologne Review

Lucky You for Men





So fresh and clean, it’s like a shower in a bottle. Wear it on days I have to travel and need a fragrance that will last. — William G., Portland, OR


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Lucky You brand cologne has that clean “just-showered” scent that’s been popular with a lot of men’s colognes recently. However, it has some nice notes of citrus thrown in that invigorate it a bit. There’s also a solid musk essential oil interwoven throughout that gives the fragrance a definite masculine tone. I smell tamarind, melilotus herb, and cotton flower as the top notes, which then open into heart notes of cotton flower and cascarilla bark. Base notes are musk, sandalwood, bamboo stem, rosewood, and teakwood. As you can tell, it’s a very woody scent!

The most similar cologne I can think of is Aspen — maybe CK One or Cool Water as well.

Fragrance Features 

  • Fresh and clean woody scent.
  • Top notes: Tamarind, Melilotus Herb, and Cotton Flower
  • Heart Notes: Cardamom and Cascarilla Bark
  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Bamboo, Rosewood and Teakwood (very woody!)
  • Daytime fragrance, good for spring and summer.
  • Available in an inexpensive 3.4 oz bottle
  • Matching women’s fragrance available

Use: Daytime, Casual

While Lucky cologne isn’t exactly breaking new territory, it seems like a safe bet for someone who just wants a low-key daily cologne. It’s the kind of perfume you can easily keep in your fragrance collection for times you want a scent that will fly under the radar.

I’d say that Lucky is really more of a scent for casual, daytime wear. However, I should point out that Blake wore this cologne for a night out with his wife during our testing. He reportedly got a compliment on smelling good, so I might be in the minority in judging it as a daytime scent!

Lucky Brand Cologne was originally marketed as a youth fragrance. I’d say that the sweet citrus note is definitely something that reminds me of a lot of other youthful fragrances out there on the market.  My feeling is that it’s ideal for men under 30, but older men may want something a bit more sophisticated. On the other hand, Blake disagreed with this assessment, and he felt that the sweetness wasn’t overwhelming since there was so much wood in the base.

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I do think this would be the perfect starter fragrance for someone new to colognes for men. Its scent is so mild and clean that  I can’t really imagine anyone being put off by it and the price is certainly good. To me, it feels like a solid, safe bet as a cologne for the workday or the weekend

My favorite of my husband’s colognes! Smells nice and fresh but still manly.


What Blake and I both agreed on is that the standout feature of this Lucky You for Men cologne is its longevity. Especially given its price point, this is a cologne that LASTS! I was out hiking in the sun all afternoon and I could still smell mine at the end of the day. Blake went to work and then took his wife out afterwards and she still commented on it. Considering you only need 1 or 2 sprays, this cologne is a ridiculously good value for the money.

Lucky You for Men Cologne Poster


This is one men’s cologne that definitely looks good on the shelf. The bottle has a clean, simple, modern design, with an embossed cloverleaf that connects nicely to the brand. The green color of the packaging highlights the grassy top notes of the fragrance. Although the cap feels a bit lighter than you would expect from the appearance of the bottle, it’s not much of an issue at this price point.

When Lucky You for Men was released, the advertising was playfully sexy, retro, and targeted at a young demographic, much like the brand itself. It’s a bit of cheesecake but, honestly, I think the scent itself is more sophisticated than the advertising.

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Launched in 2000, Lucky You perfume for men belongs to a long line of quality, affordable fragrances created by the Liz Claiborne fashion house (currently owned by Revlon’s Elizabeth Arden). The nose behind this new fragrance is world-renowned Parisian master perfumer Jean-Claude Delville. His previous work includes Clinique’s Happy, Vera Wang’s eponymous cologne, and many fragrances for Liz Claiborne. Personally, I always feel more secure about a new scent when I know that the perfumer has a nice portfolio of work — it makes me more confident that the newcomer is a well-considered fragrance.


  • The scent is fresh and clean and has a definite masculine tone.
  • Relatively good longevity, especially when compared to similar fragrances at this price.
  • It does not have an overwhelming scent; although inoffensive it is easily distinguished.
  • Very reasonably priced for both quality and quantity.


  • There’s a bit of an alcohol smell when first sprayed, but it goes away quickly.
  • Similar to other fragrances — not exactly ground-breaking


Lucky You fragrance offers an overall look and feel of quality at a very reasonable price point. A subtle, fresh scent makes it perfect for work, for running errands or even for a day outside. That, coupled with the scent’s longevity, makes Lucky You for Men a good choice for a fragrance newbie or for daily use, particularly for younger men.

From the packaging to the scent, Lucky You for Men could easily pass as a more expensive men’s cologne. It’s a good, reliable fragrance with a masculine, long-lasting bouquet. It’s a good, reliable, and long-lasting everyday grooming aid. It’s also great “starter” gift, at a budget-pleasing price point, for a young man beginning to make his way in the world. 


Blake’s Verdict

I like this one — I wore it to the office and then out to dinner and it was still going strong! Considering the price and versatility, it’s a good bet for guys like me. 

I actually bought a bottle as a gift for my young cousin’s graduation — it seems like the perfect choice for a guy starting out on his own.

Evan’s Verdict

So, as we all know, on a personal level, I’m a little bored by all these “just showered” fragrances for men. However, they do serve a purpose and a lot of guys out there do use them and like them.

That said, if someone asked me for a recommendation for a cheap cologne that I would actually wear without hesitation,  this would be at the top of my list.

Lucky You Cologne Women

Just a hint: if you want her not to complain about your ever-growing fragrance collection, get one for her too! The refreshingly flowery feminine scent, Lucky You for Women is a good compliment to the men’s fragrance — and perfect for gift giving!

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