5 Hot Haircuts for Men in 2018

As we welcome a new year, hairstyles for men will range from short and clean to long and tousled! We’ve compiled a roundup of top trends to expect in 2018: 

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Justin Timberlake Pompadour


Pompadours are here to stay, and wearing it with a fade creates a more modern twist. The great thing about a low-drop or mid-fade is that you can add it to a haircut of any length. Have your stylist cut the top to your desired length and then have the sides and back clean cut and buzzed just above the ears.

  • A cool spin on this look is tousled waves on top with sharp, clean sides. 
  • Balance out the look with a full but shaped beard.  

Example: Justin Timberlake 


Adding layers to your hair is a huge trend right now - this style is particularly nice for men with salt-and-pepper hair. Layers add more texture and depth to any hairstyle. With more layers, you are creating a “messier” hairstyle, but still can achieve that “put together” look.

  • For work, add a strong hold product for a polished look. 
  • To be more casual, use a light hold product to create a tousled look. 

Example: Oscar Isaac 


A slicked back hairstyle will never go out of style. To add a little something different to it, use product to create a matte finish and add texture. Make sure to keep your neckline clean and trimmed to keep the look as tidy as possible.

  • Add some freshness with a side part. Slick hair back and toward the sides while keeping some the front tendril dangling near yours eyes. 

Example: Charlie Heaton


Make it look effortless! Get this classic cut, then shake it up with a bit of styling mousse. If you loosely part it on the side, some strands may fall the other direction or go straight backward. That’s okay—the mousse will keep you looking put together, but you won’t appear to have spent hours in the mirror perfecting your image. And you won’t have to! Roll out of bed—your routine will only take about two minutes.

  • This look is especially great for second day hair (we won’t tell – plus the oil is actually good for your hair). Add some dry shampoo for volume and style. 

Example: Kit Harington


Simple? Yes. Classic? Yes. The Buzz Cut is our go-to, no frills haircut. IF you’re looking for little to zero maintenance in the morning, this cut is for you. Just make sure you’re ready to get your haircut every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the length short and neck line fresh. 

Example: Nick Jones

Lauren Rachel, Men's Grooming Expert at Boardroom.
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